Community Update #31

Yes!  We WILL be having a Spring Crochet-Along (CAL), using yummy Bernat Bamboo yarn!  Woo Hoo!  Can't wait to make that beautiful Crochet Vest!

Thanks to Patty for recommending this CAL by commenting earlier in the Bernat Blog.

So, get your yarn ordered, and practice those interesting crochet stitches.  Our CAL will be getting started in May, so it's just a few weeks from now.

The free pattern includes instructions for sizes Extra Small to 5X Plus, so it's sure to fit everyone.  (It would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift!)

Are you planning on joining us for the CAL?  This will be my first time using Bernat's smooshy, heavenly soft Bamboo yarn.  Have you used it before?  Once you get this yarn in your hands, you won't want to let it go!


Printed off the pattern this morning, and getting my supplies ready. A May start will work great!

Woo Hoo! Isn't this exciting?! :) I got my yarn this week, so I'm working on learning the stitches now.

I would love to make this but 14 balls at $5.29 each is way too pricey for me!

Bernat is working on giving us a discount on the yarn for our CAL, if you order it from the Bernat Shop. Stay tuned for that!

I just started the Left Front, using the recommended yarn in Linen and a J hook. Is the fabric (all DCs so far) supposed to be a really loose, open texture or do I need to drop down a hook size? I usually get gauge, so I was wondering...thanks!

Hi Paula! I haven't started making mine yet, so I can't offer any advice. The CAL will start in May. If you want help on your vest now, you can contact Bernat Customer Support by sending an email to

Sorry I posted the same question in another place before I found this but maybe someone else who started it will reply. I also wanted to thank Bernat for including plus-size crafters in this CAL by choosing a design in so many sizes. Another yarn company just started a KAL with no choices in my size (2X/3X). When I wrote to them to point this out, they posted a long reply that amounted to "That's too bad, but these designs don't come in your size." I might be able to upsize the pattern they chose but wasn't motivated to do so. I can tell who wants to work with me and who doesn't -- thank goodness Bernat and Paton's are so inclusive!

I agree! I just LOVE knowing that almost every single pattern on the Bernat site will include instructions in my size. We are a welcome here! :)

I used the bamboo yarn to make a scarf. This yarn is wonderful to work with.

It IS a heavenly yarn, isn't it? I'm using it for the first time, and am loving every stitch. :)

Is there another yarn that can be substituted? Price is pretty steep...

Bernat Bamboo is the only Bernat yarn that will work for this project. They are working on offering a discount for us, so stay tuned!

I agree with several of the others......this yarn is way too pricey. Can't cost justify over $60 (after shipping) for a vest. I love the way it feels, but at $5.29 for only 63 yards per skein.....well, I'm not sure that Bernat can discount it enough for me. Cute vest, but I'm going to have to pass on this one.

Be sure to check your local craft stores and Ravelry for deals! It never hurts to look around.