Community Update #30

It was a dark and stormy night.....   (tee-hee)   Good thing I had plenty of Bernat yarn in my stash!  Stormy nights are actually kinda fun for me, because I get to use a different color on my Bernat Temperature project!  :)  Some of us are being very creative with our temperature projects - using different stitch designs for weather events like rain or snow or lightning.  The colors we use are determined by the daily temperatures.  I'm using light colors for cold temps, and vibrant shades for warmer temps.  You'll get a kick out of seeing all our different projects for the 2013 KAL/CAL in the Bernat Forums!

The Bernat Forums is THE place to go to meet other knitters and crocheters who use Bernat yarns.  You'll find lots of interesting discussions going on: Using Bernat Yarns and Patterns, Completed Bernat Projects (with photos and advice), and an active Helping Hands area - where you can ask questions and get help with your crafting.  There are some  very talented crafters in our forum, and they love to encourage and help you as you learn.

Sometimes, we don't know the answer to help with your particular Bernat project.  When that happens, we recommend that you contact Bernat Customer Support.  They are an AWESOME resource!  If you ever have a problem with a Bernat pattern or yarn, give them a try:


I am looking for a old pattern of mine, it was a booklet called Bernat CLASSIC SWEATERS. i AM LOOKING for the classic cardigan pattern as it was destroyed bu a leaky roof and fell apart before I could copy it. the original leaflet was purchased in 1968 when I learned to knit. I was wondering if it could be added to bernat free patterns as I am a member thank you, Annie Lutz

Hi Annie. Check with Bernat Customer Support, to see what they recommend.