Community Update #28

Woo Hoo!  Bernat Softee Baby won its first matchup in Bernat Yarn Madness!


But, part of me is kinda sad to see Bernat Baby Blanket lose the contest.  I always feel sorry for the underdog.  Poor Baby Blanket! :(

The Yarn Madness contest is fun, but it won't keep me from using the yarns that don't win.  I love ALL Bernat yarns!  I think that every yarn has its purpose, and all we have to do is try them out with different patterns, hooks, and needles, until we find exactly the right way to make them shine!  There are only a few Bernat yarns I haven't tried yet, and my fingers are itching to have a go at them.

Can you believe it's Spring already?  It took me by surprise this week, because I have been so busy lately, I kinda forgot about it.  Now that I am aware it's Spring, I'm ready to have fun with a new Bernat project for the warmer weather.  I haven't decided which one I want to make yet.  But, stay tuned in the Bernat Forum KALs and CALs, because you KNOW that I will start a knit or crochet-along for the project! :)

Which Bernat pattern would you like to make?  Which one would you recommend for a quick knit or crochet along in the forum?  Look through Bernat's Free Patterns, and tell us your favorites.


I'd like to do socks or slippers. :D

Hi Kristin! We did a couple great KALs and CALs for socks and slippers already. Basic Ankle Socks: Slippers KAL: Slippers CAL: I made videos for each step in all of those knit and crochet-alongs, so feel free to join in!

I would love to make Bamboo - Crochet Vest. It has been one of my favorites for awhile, but just haven't taken the time. A CAL would be just the boost I need!!

Nice choice! And it includes instructions for sizes XS - 5X! We could all participate in that one! :)

I love the bernat's so great to work with and the afghan patterns are cool too...but now that I just learned how to do the entralac technique I'm going to do a Mosaic Entralac Afghan...way cool...thanks for such a great yarn!!! Happy Easter!!!

I love Mosaic as well! Your entrelac blanket will be GORGEOUS in that yarn. :D

I would love to do an entrelac project as well. I find this technique so fascinating!