Community Update #24

Another new CAL has just started in the Bernat Forums!   This time, we're making a cool peaked hat, which will be so fun to wear!  :)  The Softee Chunky Slouchy Peaked Hat CAL

I've asked one of our established forum members (gruvey9) to host this CAL, because she has more experience with these interesting crochet stitches.  Can't wait to learn how to do reverse single crochets, and how to make X's with double crochets!  It only takes ONE skein of the new thicker version of Softee Chunky yarn to make the hat.  Cool!

Our Temperature Scarves are coming along very well!  Some people decided to make some changes after seeing their first completed month.  A few have decided to make a temperature blanket or wrap instead.  And some forum members are just having fun trying different stitches out, to see how they look.  So, a lot our projects are just really in the "formation" stage.  You can read more about it, and see photos of our projects in the Discussion and Photos of Our Works in Progress topic.  It's not too late to join us!

And take a look at mittenmaker's sweet Mr. Jingles, wearing his Hoodie Dog Coat, handknit with Bernat Super Value yarn! :)



Love your tip Mary Beth, as a crochet beginner I never knew to start at the bump instead of the front V. Thanks