Community Update #17

The holidays are upon us, and for some of us, that means lots of knitting and crocheting gifts for our family and friends. And this means that some things just have to make way for our crafting time.

I don't know about you, but my house is NOT ready for a photographer to come through. It's not even ready for family or friends! My living room is the domain for THE CHRISTMAS STOCKING. Yes, that's all caps, because there are so many skeins of yarn involved in the process. That project needs an entire room all to itself!

Beside the "knitting chair" in my living room is a vintage style yarn stand, which contains three other projects: My Bernat Mosaic Carolinian shawl is about halfway complete, and will eventually belong to my son's girlfriend....HOPEFULLY in time for Christmas day. Another project is a tie that I've been crocheting for a dear friend. At the bottom of the yarn stand is a blanket I started about 6 years ago. I guess I should just take it out of there, and give up. (rolls eyes)

While sitting in that chair in the living room, I can see another Bernat project, which is waiting to be started as soon as I finish the dreaded stocking. I can't wait to cast it on! I guess that it will be my Christmas gift to be able to work on it. :D

I also have a craft room, which has a knitting chair as well. But, it is not fit for visitors at ALL right now. I have to squeeze past all the craziness just to get in the room! But, there is a boatload of Bernat yarn in my craft room, so it's a cozy place to be. :)

In my craft room, I have several Christmas gift ideas, set out and waiting for me to make them. I don't know if they are gonna happen this year or not - Ugh! I just wish there were more hours in the day, so I could make everything I dream of making!!

Are you in the same predicament that I'm in? Have you overextended your knit/crochet goals for the holiday? What kinds of projects are you making, or are dreaming of making as gifts for family, friends, or yourself?

If you need ideas for making quick gifts, you might want to take a look at these free Bernat patterns for bulky yarns or super bulky yarns. They are just what we need right now.


I am so happy to find another person with a craft room that looks like mine, I should show the photo to my husband - he doesn't believe me when I say other people have the same problem. In fact, this morning I was on my way to get more clear stacking boxes so I can move my yarn projects from the living room so our Christmas tree can go up ! Enjoy your holidays, and the late nights watching movies and trying to finish presents !!

I recently moved and I found so much yarn. It was stuffed into small crevices and small projects were remembered, when they were found in a box or bag. I don't have a "yarn" room set up in this house and it's chaos all over again...but nothing is as great as discovering YARN !!

Yay! Yarn surprises are wonderful things! :)

Hi Karen! You have found a kindred spirit. Good luck making room for that tree! :D

I love your craft room! All that yarn. I don't have any projects to finish, just one lap - granny - afghan, about 5 ft. X 5 ft. that I'm almost done with. It was supposed to be an AUTUMN afghan...oops. I keep thinking I want to knit/crochet little mittens and snowflakes for a wreath I now has knit leaves on it. Hmm, I'd better get busy. We're crafters! We're never caught up! Merry Christmas Vickie, to you and yours. :-)

I've been wanting to make a granny afghan too! Now, there's another project for me to work on. Ha!

I have 15 skeins of Bernat chenille sherbert. It isnt even listed on the discontinued list as near as I can figure it is probably a dk weight. I would like to make a sweater out of it. Does anyone know of a pattern that would work for this yarn?

It's listed on Ravelry as aran weight, so you should be able to knit any sweater for medium weight yarns. But you will need to do a gauge swatch to determine the correct size needles before you begin. Also, keep in mind that chenille yarn does not stretch, so it will need to be carefully worked to fit well.

Hey,I Love youe Room:) It also feels soo great to know that some-one else also has a craft room like me too..:)Tho I Feel.. thats What its all about? I've finally got all My Christmas Idea's all made.Thank God for I had pretty much of them laiding aside.Now My room is alittle less crowdy,also My :) My hubby not only complains about My room,Its also My Bed is afraid that,I don't have enough room to lay in My feels soo very Good to have others,as myself.