Community Update

Bernat fans are HAPPY this month!  Vickie Howell has been welcomed into our midst, and she has showered some Bernat Facebook followers with gifts of yarn!  Way to make awesome friends, Vickie!  :)

Bernat Yarn fans are creating some amazing things.  This week, I decided to search online for some of your work - and I was rewarded with a visual gallery of yarn masterpieces.  I even found someone who has completed over 200 projects with Bernat yarns!

Bernat Mosaic is a favorite for many of you, because of the beautiful color changes.  One person used it to knit two gorgeous afghans. (photos courtesy of Beedragon from Ravelry)




A member of the Bernat Forum used the new Waverly for Bernat yarn to knit a beautiful blanket, with the FREE Bernat "Stepping Waves" pattern.  We watched her progress every step of the way, by reading her posts in the Bernat Forum.  When she reached her intended target date for completion, we all cheered! (photo courtesy of needlenut in the Bernat Forum)


Another Bernat Forum member decided to get creative with Bernat's new Twist & Twirl yarn, by making skirts for some beautiful doll dresses!  I just love those! (photo courtesy of watbetty in the Bernat Forum)

Have you ever tried making your own patterns with Bernat yarns?  We would love to hear about your creations in the Forum.  Come and let us cheer you on!



Gorgeous blankies.....looked up Beedragon on Rav and she has some other great ones. (The second blankie is, of course, crochet and not knit. I looked it up in the hopes of finding a knit project with the appearance of granny squares. Not a big fan of crochet) Any idea of where to find such a pattern??? with no seaming.....cause I can't make myself seam.

Yes, I forgot to mention that the second blanket was crocheted. So sorry about the confusion.