Colorful Yarn for Summer Socks

Project – Mom's Ankle Socks (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes
Blogger – Shandeh

The bright, happy colors of the Bernat Baby Cakes yarn are PERFECT for summer socks.  Knitting with this yarn just makes me smile. :)

Doesn't it make you happy to see those pretty colors together?

And I really love the texture of this new yarn - so SOFT and SMOOSHY and......SPONGE-Y!  I can't think of another way to describe it.  You'll have to try it out yourself, so you can see what I mean.  It doesn't feel like any other yarn I've used before.  Just right for summer knitting.  I'm so glad I was able to use it before the Fall season started.

It has certainly been hot in North Carolina this year.  Most days, I have just stayed inside, knitting in my craft room.  But, this week, we had some cloudy I took my knitting outside to knit on the porch.

After knitting for a while, I decided to slip the sock on my foot, to see how it fit.  Uh-oh!  WAY too big.  So, I took off the needles and frogged it all.  Now, all I had to show for my outdoor knitting was a bucket full of frogged yarn. :P

Soon, the weather changed, and the rain started coming down, so I grabbed my bucket and took it inside.  I then re-started my socks in a smaller size, and pretty soon, was caught right back up to where I had gotten before....In fact, I went even further!  I love how fast this project is going.

If you've never knit socks before, this pattern is a great way to learn.  Since it uses worsted weight yarn, it goes quickly.  Come on, and join me in making some bright ankle socks!



These are so cute! I can't wait to see the finished pair!

Thanks Rose! I really needed this pair of ankle socks! So glad the Baby Cakes yarn works well for them. :)

I love the idea of worsted weight socks, but I don't like the short length. I know, I know, they're "cool". But I am uncomfortable in them, mainly because I have to wear a certain type of shoe because of plantar faciaitis. I would love to add 3 or 4 inches of top with some loose ribbing. Would I need to add more stitches to begin with and then decrease at the ankle or would the original # in the pattern work? You think maybe I'm new to sock knitting? Gee, you are so smart! LOL. Ivonova Time for an attitude check. Hopeful.

Hi there, Ivonova! This pattern is probably best for house socks, since it uses worsted weight yarn. I would recommend the Bernat Sox pattern for ankle socks to wear with shoes. The Bernat Sox yarn is thinner, which is best for socks. Here's a link to the yarn: And a link to the ankle socks pattern that uses that yarn: Good luck with your sock knitting! :)

I'm going to tackle some socks myself soon - must be great minds! Excited to see your progress.

SUPER great minds!! :) Ha!