Project – Boldly Colored Plaid Afghan
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Decor in Chocolate Taupe, New Teal, Aran, Pale New Green, Claret, Navy
Blogger – knittinjen

So I am a bit concerned that I’m cracked but I LOVE these colors. Do you think that they “go” together?

Patons Decor has many, many color options. It’s a luscious blend of wool and acrylic and if you haven’t given this blend a chance you should. I love to work with natural fibers and used to think I could use only natural fibers. Hah! I knit for three boys, a husband, and the family dog. Enough said? Further, my knitting needs to remain affordable, sensible and attainable.

When I hear or read that people are making an afghan out of 100 percent wool I cringe when I imagine washing it. Just how is one to wash a large afghan after someone has – I won’t be graphic here but kids are sick quite a bit – I think you get the picture. A good-sized afghan will weigh about eight metric tons once it’s wet. I wouldn’t be able to swish it around and I am sure I wouldn’t be able to lift it, squeeze out the excess water, etc. Thank goodness for blends like Patons Decor that allow us to have that soft wool feel while being easy care.

Therefore I chose a good sproingy blend. One that is worsted, gentle on my hands (some 100% acrylics make my hands hurt), and it will be warm, cozy, and easily washable.

Now let’s talk color. When I first thought of taking on a crochet project (came to my senses soon after – nothing against crochet – just probably shouldn’t try to do an afghan as my first crochet project). I told you all that I like the New Teal and Chocolate Taupe colors and asked for your suggestions on what else might look good with them. We had quite a good response to that post and I took each of your ideas into consideration and finally came up with six colors (eleven total balls of yarn required):

Chocolate Taupe, New Teal, Navy, Aran, Pale New Green, Claret

I had not worked a “knit one below” and it is so simple! This afghan is knit in strips (like a scarf!). I of course changed the pattern slightly. I decided to knit the one-color squares in plain garter to add a different texture. (I did check to make sure that the one-color and two-color blocks widths are similar - the two-color blocks are curling in on themselves but they are the same as the garter stitch).

If you don't know how to do a k1b all you do is knit into the stitch below the one you normally would knit (you will have two strands of yarn on your right needle):

Happy Knitting!

– knittinjen


I love the colors as well--it should be a great addition to the household. I am actually one of those nut jobs who knits afghans in wool, :) but only for me, because I know I will take good care of it. But the trick is with washing--you just soak it in the washing machine tub all filled with warm/hot soapy water--no agitation, just soaking for about an hour, and then move the washing machine dial ahead to spin and spin out the water, fill with rinse water, soak a little longer and spin again. And voila, a clean, just damp afghan, and then I lay it out on the extra bed to dry. Happy knitting! I love making afghans and should probably be looking for one to make as I have a nephew off to college next year.

The colours are great. I did not follow your blog for a while and now I thought you would crochet grannies, however the way you work now is very interesting. I can not wait to see the result. Happy knitting. Annegret