Color Block Scarf finished

Project - Color Block Scarf
Pattern Book - Luxury Knits #500873
Yarn - Patons Angora Bamboo in Peche, Flax, Sand & Tawny

Love it!

While working on the Color Block Scarf I’ve had a sock on the needles as well. The Scarf made great TV knitting. It’s the same two rows repeated and even though I did plan out the color sequences and sizes of the blocks of colors, once those decisions were made I just kept repeating my “pattern.”

During the knitting I noticed that the edges were curling and while I don’t always block my knitting (gasp!) I decided the scarf would benefit from a gentle coaxing. I want it to lay flatter for the recipient (yet to be determined).

Won’t it make a great gift? Since Patons Angora Bamboo is hand wash only I will simply enclose in the gift box a note card with the washing instructions. I don’t know about your scarves, but mine don’t require washing too terribly often.

Now to concentrate on socks, happy knitting!



Great colors! And what a great pattern for TV knitting, just like you said.

I bet the yarn is very soft. Someone is going to have a very lucky neck.

Thanks for the compliments. This yarn is SUPER soft and a nice drape. Perfect combo for a scarf.