A Classic FO

Project – Felted Cable Bag (free download)
Yarn – Classic Wool Roving in 77404 Orchid
Blogger – knittinjen

This bag and the yarn should be considered a Classic. It was great fun to knit. As said in previous posts I decided to knit this bag in the round rather than flat and then seam . It truly was a relaxing knit because you can go along without thinking and then work a cable row every so often. The most difficult thing (and I use “difficult” loosely here) was to make hash marks (signifying completing a row) on my pad of paper I keep in my knitting bag. Whoop-dee-do.

The pattern (free download!) suggests using Patons SWS but I couldn’t wait to use some of the new Classic Roving so I decided to go up a needle size (or two – who’s counting really?) as the Roving is a bulky weight rather than worsted.

Gauge swatches are always recommended, however, I did not do one. The final shape of my tote is much wider than it is tall. Though not ideal for a day-to-day purse, my thought is I can used it for another knitting project bag.

Next up? I have GOT to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Yeah I know – it comes every year on that same date - don't give me that look.

– knittinjen


Hey, I've already got my first Christmas project on the needles. I know, I'll dodge out of the way of all those rotten tomatoes and just go smugly knit away. And I love your bag. I have a bunch of SWS in the stash, so maybe I need to make a bag for someone for Christmas?!

Yay for you and the Christmas knitting. This bag goes super quickly and would make a nice gift, and with SWS already in your stash...