Christmasy Fair Isle Sweater Yoke

(singing) Happy Holidays!  Happy Holidays!
May your fair-isle sweater glisten,
Using sparkly Bernat yarn!  :)

I am having SO much fun doing the fair-isle yoke on my Bernat Yoke Sweater. I am using Bernat "Happy Holidays" yarn, in Twinkly White, Silvered Red, and Glittery Green.

After knitting all that white yarn for the body of the sweater, it is very satisfying to bring on the color!  The red and green yarns just POP against the white background.

Before I actually got started knitting the fair-isle yoke, I decided to re-educate myself on the Fair-Isle Knitting techniques I have learned.  I took a class a few years ago, and it helped me understand how to do colorwork better.  There was a handbook for that class, and I also have some other books on Fair-Isle as well.

After reading for a while, I felt better about getting started.  I decided to use the two hand technique, with the right hand knitting English style, and the left hand knitting Continental.  I place the colored yarn in my left hand, so it will stand out in the foreground of my knitting, and the white yarn stays in my right hand, so it will sit behind the stitches, to let the colors shine.  I made a video that shows how I do this:

It didn't take long for me to get in the hang of things, and I was able to finish the yoke in just a few days!

Next, I will be adding the collar, using green yarn.

Check back to see the finished sweater next time!

- Shandeh


Love your festive sweater. Looks great :)

Thanks, Dina! I hope you're doing well!