Christmas Holiday Knitting!

Happy Holidays! :)

This year, I have decided to knit a Christmas sweater! Yay!

Bernat's Happy Holidays yarn is perfect for my plan.

I was hoping there would be an pattern available on the website, but unfortunately I was out of luck.

So, I'm improvising. ;)
After doing a few gauge swatches with the Happy Holidays yarn, I learned that I knit this yarn much thicker than the website advises. It is turning out very similar to the gauge I get with Bernat Softee Chunky.

So, I looked to see what sweater patterns are available for THAT yarn, and found something that will look very festive with the Happy Holidays yarn. A Fair-Isle Yoke Sweater!

Twinkly White yarn will be used for the body of the sweater, with Silvered Red and Glittery Green added for the Fair-Isle yoke.

I am very excited about this project, because I've always wanted a handknit Christmas sweater. :)

After just a week of knitting, I have completed a good part of the main body. So fun and sparkly!

- Shandeh


I'm more crochet and basic knitting, but love the patterns and articles you publish. Question?? One of my family members bought me a Knook (cross between knit/crochet) and I need more patterns; any ideas? Will you be covering new gadgets/fads in your upcoming blogs?? Thanks..

I saw one of those Knooks at AC Moore the other day. Interesting! I don't see any Bernat patterns for that tool, but I'll let my contacts know of your interest.

Love the pattern to go with the yarns. Can't wait to see the finished project. I love, love, love Christmas sweaters but haven't yet knit a sweater of any kind. Hopefully yours will inspire me to get one done for next Christmas.

I need all the encouragement I can get. This fair-isle neckline is a challenge!