Charity Knitting - My First Love

Project – Preemie Garter Stitch Set
Bernat Pattern Book #530187 – Traditions
Yarn – Bernat Baby Coordinates in 09612 Daisy Yellow
Blogger - Shandeh

Ever since I first started knitting in September of 2003, I've had a desire to knit for charity.   After searching the internet for charity knitting opportunities, I set to work making things for babies at the hospital.  Soon after, I decided to knit blankets as well.  I had lots of knitting friends on the internet by this time, so I asked them to join me in making charity blankets together, one section at a time.  Our "Oddball Blankets" were a huge success!  Now, those blankets are still being created by hundreds of knitters all over the US and Canada.

When I started blogging for Bernat, I had no idea that they would soon have their OWN charity website.  What a wonderful thing!  Check out their awesome BernatCares site right now!  There are lots of free knitting and crochet patterns there, ready to make for your favorite charity.  Have fun with it!

I'm certainly having a great time knitting for charity again.  My first charity project here on the Bernat Blog is the "Preemie Garter Stitch Set", which is found in the new "Traditions" pattern book.  The Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn is so bright and happy - it feels like I'm knitting with a strand of candy!  The cheerful "Daisy Yellow" color makes me smile with every stitch. :)

When this set is complete, it will be donated to the Special Delivery Unit of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  The SDU is a unique unit where mothers delivering special needs infants (including those with congenital heart, brain, spine, chest and/or abdomen abnormalities) can be under the same roof as their children and cared for together - and Dads don’t have to divide their time between Mom at one hospital and their newborn at another hospital.  There are about 20 deliveries per month at the SDU, and they NEED handknit items for the little ones there.  I am very happy to provide this little knitted set for them.

And it's so fun to knit such a precious tiny garment!  ADORABLE!

- Shandeh


I agree with you, Shandeh. I have been trying to locate charity groups locally and form my own after speaking with the Sally Ann. I shall be donating baby things to the local hospital neo-natal unit. Thank you, Bernat for caring and adding some useful patterns to my collection.

Hi Trish! It's a joy to find another charity knitter. *hug* It just feels "right" when we make things that people really need, doesn't it?

Sandy, it will be a lovely item to donate once its finished. The colour is so cheerful.

Thank you, Dina! I love the color too - one of my favorites!