A Cavalcade of Finished Objects

The Fair-Isle Tam Knit-Along gave me a few weeks to catch up on some older blog projects that have been lingering a bit. This week, I'm very excited to show you my finished granny square afghan. I laid it out in my kitchen, as it's the only place with enough room. Even in my tiny kitchen, it fills the space!

Not only is this my first afghan, it's also my first serious crochet project. I couldn't be happier with it - even while knitting it, having it cozy on my knees was perfect. It did take me forever - I'm not yet as comfortable crocheting as often as I knit, so this was often what I worked on when i took a break from knitting.

I did a single crochet border around the blanket to clean up the edges a bit. It works well, but the whole thing curves in just a teeny bit.

To recap:

Yarn: Patons Decor

Shades (from outside to center): Chocolate Taupe, Taupe, Pale Taupe, New Green, Rich New Green, Dark New Green

Pattern: Start with the basic granny square pattern in Next Steps Five - Crochet Guidebook. Keep going until you can't stand it anymore, changing colors as desired.

Considering how behind I am on holiday knitting, I probably should consider gifting this...but I think I'm most likely to keep it for myself.

How's your holiday gift making coming along?



Congrats! That's one BIG granny! You definitely win the afghan race.

Nice! I really like your color combinations.

I love the color combo!! I have been wanting to make one of these forever now! If only I was better at crocheting...

Thanks! You can totally make one yourself. If you can double crochet, you can make one. I'm definitely a beginner myself. I believe in you. :)