Week #1 - Knit Doily Dishcloth

Happy Summer! It's time for our first dishcloth of the season. If you read my last article, you will remember that I plan on making a dishcloth every week this summer. My choice for this week is the Knit Doily. It's fast and beautiful....just like me. Ha! :) It is knit in the round

Happy Wreathster!


Spring has sprung (at least in parts of North America), and we could all use a little pop of color to get us into the spirit of the season. A quick and crafty way to do that is with a good ol' yarn-wrapped wreath! Cotton is the perfect choice for a

Stretching Skills with New Stitches

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a pattern instruction, that you just gave up, and switched to a different pattern? I used to do this, when I was first learning to knit. Most of my projects were just squares or rectangles.

Then, I decided that I was tired of making dishcloths and blankets, and wanted to create a garment.

Community Update - Snowbound Crafting!

Some of us have been hit with a lot of snow recently, and this has occasionally caused us to be snowbound. This was the PERFECT excuse to knit and crochet! :) So, I decided to browse through Ravelry, to take a peek at some of your recent creations with Yarnspirations yarn. Here are some that caught

Valentine Dishcloth CAL, with Video Tutorial

Right now, we are having our "Be My Valentine" Dishcloth Crochet-A-Long!

Here's the FREE Pattern: Be My Valentine Dishcloth
The design calls for 4 skeins of Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn in the colors Rose Pink, Robin's Egg, Country Red, and Soft Ecru. And

Be-pommed: Arm Knit I-cord Scarf!

AK iCordScarf

Who doesn't love a good pompom? Seriously, it's hard not to smile when you see one. That's especially the case with Bernat Faux Fur Pompom -- they're so cute and fuzzy, they make me want to put a

santa, santa claus, gift, gifts, christmas, holidays, xmas, festive

Santa Gift Tags - Quick & Fun Crochet!

As promised, I'm sharing a new Video Tutorial with you this week. I'm using the FREE Santa Gift Tag pattern - a Lily Sugar 'n Cream design, and the yarn is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. Just like last week, this is a QUICK project, fun to make as a family for the

Quickest Gift: Arm Knit Eternity Scarf!

Arm Knit Eternity

Here we are in mid-December. How. Did. This. Happen? Next week is the last full school and work week for most people who celebrate Christmas, so if you're planning on making gifts for teachers or office mates it's time to haul holiday hiney! Not to panic though,

Holiday Ornamental Bells

Hello, and Happy Holidays! :D

vintage christmas train by Shandeh, on Flickr

If you're like me, you don't have much time available for making big projects during the holidays. But, we want to make SOMETHING festive! Thanks to the Yarnspirations website, we have

DIY Embroidered Gift Boxes

DIY Embroidered Gift Boxes

Sometimes you just don't feel like gift-wrapping smaller presents, and that's totally fine! In fact, that's great! Today we're going to teach you how to embroider the take-out gift boxes you find in the gift-wrap aisle of your local craft store. It's super easy and a

O Yarny Tree: DIY Wall Decoration Tutorial

O Yarny Tree

The holidays are bountiful, but perhaps your square footage isn’t – finding a way to decorate your apartment or house can be a challenge, but Patons is here to help!

Today we’re bringing you a start-to-finish tutorial on how to make this festive holiday tree. The good part? It

Halloween Project - Spooky Yarn Wreath by Vickie Howell

Halloween is just around the corner, and this  Sheep(ish) fringed spiderweb yarn wreath by Vickie Howell is a quick and creative way to scare up some fun, spooky home decor!

Check out the tutorial on Vickie's Blog and make your own today!



Guest Post: Hairpin Lace with Jennifer Hansen aka the Stitch Diva


Have you ever tried hairpin lace? It's a crochet technique that creates very beautiful and intricate looking fabrics. The results look so complicated, but the truth is that hairpin is deceptively simple to do. The technique is featured in the new Hairpin Lace Baby Blanket made with Bernat Softee

Standout Cardigan Gets Seamed

Project – Standout Cardigan
Pattern Book – #500886 Sumer Standouts
Yarn – Patons Silk Bamboo colorway #58425 Lotus

Seaming.  The word brings a little shutter to my heart.  I have heard many stories about a sweater ruined due to bad seaming.  There are also stories about sweaters that

Oops! Tips for Correcting Common Mistakes

It is rare (I think) to knit anything without making at least one mistake.  The potential for mistakes increases with the size and complexity of the knitting project.  Yes, it is safe to assume that I have already made multiple mistakes in my Cap Sleeve Cable Pullover.  Here are a couple common mistakes (in my knitting, at least) and how to fix

The many faces of a Yarn Over.

Did you know that there are 4 ways to do a Yarn Over?  I have been knitting for a little over 4 years now and I have just discovered this.  The type of YO (yarn over) that you do totally depends on the stitch before and/or stitch after the YO. The Cables and Lace Hoodie that I

Fair Isle Tam Tips and Tutorial

Hey everybody! I'm jumping in here to give y'all some help with your the Fair Isle Tam pattern. Firstly, I have to start with a big "Do as I say, not as I do". You're going to find out in my next couple of posts that I like to learn my lessons the hard way! I'm no expert, but I

Un-seam-ly Progress

Don't you hate when life gets in the way of your knitting/crocheting? This pesky business of "making a living" and "feeding yourself" and "doing laundry" are really take a bite out of my leisure time. Don't even get me started on friends and family! Anyway, without a lot to show you progress-wise with my hexagon blanket, I thought

Magic Loop Madness

Seaming. Just typing the word sends shivers up my spine. I try to eliminate any and all seaming from a project. It can be done, especially when the 'Magic Loop' technique comes into play. A dear friend introduced this technique to me about a year ago and I have to say, I was a bit skeptical at first. You

Nearly there


(Notice I did a couple pair with seed stitch cuffs and another with a rolled cuff - not sure if this will show after felting): Mitten Garland

Get ready for a violent hot water bath and the impending transformation. Whoot! I can’t remember if I’ve shared how much


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