Get to Know (Interview Series)

Get to Know: Designer & DIY Bride, Linda Permann!

When the Bernat team decided to spend the 2nd half of April celebrating brides and weddings I immediately thought of my friend, the amazingly talented crochet designer Linda Permann. Coincidentally, she had just married her long-time boyfriend in a ceremony fit for any fiber fiend!

Crochet Month Designer Interview Series: Get to know Drew Emborsky!

Drew's the youngest of eight kids and come from a very crafty family. His daddy, the ex-marine WWII veteran was an amazing artist and crocheter. His mom crocheted too! Each of his siblings do

Crochet Month Designer Interview Series: Get to know Robyn Chachula!

A structural engineer by trade, Robyn Chachula uses her knowledge of building design processes to create crochet projects in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In her latest crochet book and DVD Workshop, Blueprint Crochet Sweaters: Techniques for Custom

Crochet Month Designer Interview Series: Get to know Brenda K.B. Anderson!

Brenda K. B. Anderson makes mascots during the day. She cooks, crochets, knits, and belly dances at night. Brenda lives in a little house in Minnesota with her ridiculously good-looking husband and their hairy baby, Mr. Kittypants.

Crochet Month Designer Interview Series: Get to know Brett Bara!

Brett Bara is an author, designer, blogger and television host specializing in modern crafts and the DIY lifestyle. She is the author of Sewing in a Straight Line (Potter Craft, 2011), host of

Crochet Month Designer Interview Series: Get to know Mary Beth Temple!

Mary Beth Temple is an author and knit and crochet designer who has contributed to magazines including Knit Simple, Vogue Knitting Crochet, Interweave Crochet, and Crochet Today. She's also the owner and lead designer for the

Get to Know: Carla Scott, editor of Knit Simple

Knit Simple editor, Carla Scott

I met Carla Scott years before she was the Editor-in-Chief of Knit Simple Magazine (for whom I write the Stitch.Rock.Knit-along column). At the time, she was working on the former magazine, Knit.1 -- which was also published by Soho Publishing (known for Vogue

Get to Know: Red Scarf Project

A few years ago an author and fellow Austinite contacted me about contributing a knitted project to her upcoming craft book, which would focus on hand making items for worldwide causes. I immediately started researching charities that accepted yarn-y items, and came across The

Get to know: Care Wear Volunteers

Welcome to the first of an on-going series of interviews with designers, crafters and charitable organization leaders that I'll be bringing you monthly, here on the Bernat Blog!

As the recent founder of Purple Stitch Project, I personally am a big admirer of anyone who's successfully brought


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