Casting on in the Middle

Project – Moccasins for Him
Patons Pattern Book #500871 – Family Felting
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Royal
Blogger – YoElizbo

I've never been all that good at adding stitches to things--you know when the directions say "Cast on 12 stitches at the end of the row." I'd do that loop method and then when you knit it, it just looks terrible and is all loosey goosey, you know what I'm talking about. Or maybe you don't. I hope you don't, but just in case . . .

Last year I discovered the cable cast on and can't get enough of it, so any opportunity I get to hop atop my soapbox and shout its simplicity, beauty and ease to anyone who will listen, well I jump at it.

Since the Moccasins for Him from Patons pattern book Family Felting require this sort of adding of stitches in several spots, I thought I'd share, 'cause every knitter should know how, and these Moccasins are so easy and quick to make that you'll just need to know how so you can make a pair--or as you will discover, several.

Quick confession here: Yes, I am obsessing over the Family Felting booklet, but that is a happy rant of another kind and I'll cover that in my next post. But OMG, I am in love.

Okay, back to my quickie lesson so you when you make your pair for that special Dad in your life, (or just any old/young average guy with feet will do) and you get to the part where you have to cast on more stitches, then:

Insert the needle between the last two stitches on your needle like this:

Throw the yarn over just as you do to knit a stitch:

My apologies to all of you Continental wiz's out there. I knit English, or in other words, I'm a thrower. So if you pick, you'll be able to do what you do, but just get that yarn on, then pull the new stitch through:

And then keep it coming and give it just a little bit of a twist:

And then slip it over the end of the needle:

And voila, you have a new stitch:

Keep repeating, putting the needle between the last two stitches on the needle, in this case, the old stitch and the new stitch, and just keep adding until:

You've got all the new stitches you need. So simple and quick. And it gives a nice cast on edge that will match  your original cast on.

So, how many cast ons do you know? And which are your favorites? Oh, and how many pairs of moccasins do you need?



Great visual tip! I can say I know how to do 5 cast on methods. WOW I can't believe that! My favorite is still the good ole long-tail cast on. I'll take a pair in a nice shade of PURPLE size 9 1/2. Get on that please...My birthday is in October and I will need them by then.

Oh my goodness!! I love it!! That is a keeper for sure!! Thanks so very much! Anne

You are so welcome. I love it when I learn new tricks and I love sharing them even more.

Cable cast on ROCKS! I was so excited when I first learned how to do it. It looks great and is a lot of fun to do!