Cables, Cables and More Cables

Project –  Cozy Cable Blanket
Bernat Pattern Book #530199 Baby Gifts
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Bonnet Blue
Blogger – Teresaknits

The cables are coming along – slowly. I love how they're different from the typical ropey cables and look more like a basket weave of sorts. And because I don't have a whole lot of progress to show you, I thought I would let you in on a little secret: my decidedly low-tech method for counting rows.

That's right, Peanut M&Ms. Sometimes I will even color code them and use a certain color to mark each 10th row. Other times, I just like to enjoy the little treat I've set out for myself as a reward for getting through a difficult or tedious row of knitting.

What method do you use to keep track of your knitted rows? Bonus points if it's edible!



Love the blanket -- but I might love your method of counting rows even more! I think I'm ready to ditch the boring old row counter I have :)

Are you using a cable needle or are you using this as an exercise to learn to cable without one?

Jen - Thanks! :) Tricia - I am using a dpn as a cable needle. I can usually get away without one on smaller cables, but with c8f and c8b it's a little tough.

I LOVE this idea for counting rows but I suspect it isn't going to help my diet...