Cable for Two

My cabled vest from Luxury Knits is coming along luxuriously. I'm enjoying every second of it.


As you might notice from the picture, there are two different sets of cables happening at the same time – the large celtic-looking one in the center, and the more whimsical loopy ones on each side. Like a lot of things in knitting, both of these cables are based on a smaller pattern, repeated several times. Repeats make our lives easier and makes our knitting more manageable.

In this case, two types of cables = two different sets of repeats. The center cable has a 36 row repeat. In the photo above, I’ve just completed a single repeat and am about to start the next one. The side cable has a 16 row repeat, which has been done 2.5 times in the photo above. The thing you have to do is keep track of where you are in both cables at all times. That sounds hard, but it’s easy. The key thing is _you have to keep track_. You can’t just pick it up and put it down and remember where you are. There are two ways I’d recommend keeping track – I’ll just call them ‘the fancy way’, and ‘the Jen way’.

The Fancy Way:

Row counters can be both very simple and very complicated. They have electronic ones, some that are basically beautiful mini abacuses (abaci?), but for multiple cables, I’d recommend something in the middle, that allows you to keep track of multiple numbers at once. These ones usually look like little peg boards.

The Jen Way:

I’m always in favor of the DIY solution. Why buy something if you don’t have to? A pencil and paper works just as well as a fancy row counter. I always make a photocopy of the pattern I’m working on and keep a pencil handy. Like a prisoner counting her days in the joint, I make a mark for each row, right after I complete it. With two cables going at the same time, I keep two separate tallies (usually right next to the corresponding chart).

And there you go! You can easily turn those ‘intermediate’ knitting patterns into something fun and simple.

A brief note about Patons Angora Bamboo: I love bamboo yarns, and I work with them whenever I can. This is the first time, however, that I have worked with an Angora-Bamboo Blend. It’s truly delightful – soft and shiny like bamboo, with the halo of Angora. Go to the store and touch it for yourself, if you know what’s good for you.

Update on my in-the-round conversion: So far so good. Nothing disastrous to report. I’ll update again when I get to the arms. In the meantime, enjoy some luscious cables:




Abaci! Ha!