Cable Sweatered Sisters!

Project – Cable Yoke Sweater
Bernat Pattern Book #530197 – Cold Front
Yarn – Bernat Roving in 00103 Lazuli
Blogger – Shandeh

Yay!  My sister and I both finished our cabled yoke sweaters!  Aren't they beautiful? :)

My "long version" sweater was made with Bernat Roving in the color "Lazuli".
My sister Ginger chose to make the shorter version in "Putty".

The buttons I chose are black, with a blue design in the center.  Works great with the sweater! :)

As you can see, I added an extra buttonhole for my sweater.   I just wanted it to have a bit more sturdiness, to hold the cardigan together well, since mine is a plus-size version.

My sister chose some beautiful metalwork buttons for hers.  Nice!

It was fun making our sweaters together.  We had quite a few conversations across the country, discussing our projects.  (I'm in North Carolina, and she's in California.)  Sometimes, we had to help each other out with parts of the pattern that gave us a little trouble.  I had trouble with picking up stitches, and she asked my advice on choosing the color for her sweater.  We would check in with each other at least once a week, to see how far along we had gotten with our knitting.  It almost turned into a race! :)

I always claimed that she was ahead of me because she chose the shorter version, and hers is a smaller size as well.  Then, she would remind me that I started mine a couple weeks before she did.  :P   She had a little trouble getting her yarn in California.  After checking several craft stores, she finally ordered her yarn online.

For now, the race is over, and we BOTH win!  Now, we will wear our beautiful cabled cardigans on opposite American coasts with PRIDE!

- Shandeh


I love love love these sweaters!!!! Great job! Love the graphic with the map too - very clever :)

Thanks Jen! We had a lot of fun making those sweaters at the same time. And they are so pretty! Thanks for the kudos on the map. The idea came to me when I was waking up from a deep sleep. I always get my best ideas when I'm dreaming.

They both look great - congratulations!

Thanks Teresa! I'm SO glad to have them completed!

Those came out really nice! It was kind of like your own personal KAL.

True! It was a fun KAL too, since it was a way to reconnect with my sister.

The sweaters are beautiful. I am reviewing the pattern (I got my yarn yesterday!) and see the double-pointed needles required for the sleeves. Will 12 or 14 inch circulars work in place of the DP's? I have the circulars, but would have to buy the DPs. I would appreciate your input.

Oh, I'm sure you'll be just FINE with your small circulars. As long as you are comfortable knitting with them in the round, there should be no problem.