Bobbling Along

After a couple false starts (and frogging sessions) my Cable Pullover is well underway.

I quickly learned that this isn't a project to be done in front of the tv.  I'll have to save those Netflix dvd's for the back of the sweater, which is all stockinette (exciting!).

I didn't realize from looking at the pattern picture that there would be so much bobble on this sweater.  What is bobble, you ask?  It's a little doo-dad made by increasing several times into one stitch, knitting back and forth a couple rows, then decreasing back down to one stitch.  It looks like this:

After the first row in which bobble was made, I put the sweater aside and had a time of reflection over whether or not I was a bobble type of person.  (It would be easy to eliminate the bobble from this pattern).  I decided that I am undecided.  So the bobble will stay, and I will just have to become a bobble type of person.



I once (in middle school) knitted my only big clothing project pre-owl sweater - a burgundy vest made up completely of bobbles. It turned out better than expected, but someone else had picked out the pattern and the yarn, and I hated knitting it. (It was for a dreaded 4-H project.) Looking back, I wish I still had that vest, because it was much more charming in my memory than I gave it credit for at the time. I say go bobbles. At least once.

I am not sure if I am a bobble person either. Love the sweater so far!! Looks very cozy and the color is a fav. of mine. You are knitting it in two pieces then?

I'm not sure where I stand on bobbles. I've avoided them until now, so I guess I'm vaguely anti-bobble, but maybe sometime I'll meet one I like. As you know, I covet this pullover. Want.

I'm beginning to like the bobbles. Yes, I'm knitting this in pieces. I hate altering patterns!