To bobble...

...or not to bobble.  That IS the question.  After 8 inches of 2x2 twisted rib stitch and almost one pattern repeat completed on the Cabled Dress (mine will be a tunic), I came to a halt when I realized I had never "bobbled" before.

I tried the technique stated HERE on the Patons website (click on the 'Resources' tab, then 'Abbriviations-stitch glossary') and while it created a nice little bobble, I knew my technique had to be perfected.  So, out came the scrap yarn and 30 minutes later, I had made three bobbles.  THREE.  It was then that I started contemplating whether I truly needed bobbles.

In the end, I made the decision not to bobble.  It's a lot of extra work and I am still not convinced it made much of a difference in this particular pattern.  I think with  the combination of the yarn (Patons Angora Bamboo) and the color I chose (Flax), the bobbles just don't stand out very much.  Plus, I like the look of the cables without them.  What do you think?



I ended up really liking bobbles but to each his own. The good news is that eliminating them from a pattern doesn't require any mathematical calculations :)

I think i'm anti-bobble. I've never made one, but I also don't feel a burning need to. 10 minutes a bobble! that's a lot of time. Think of all the time you'll save by going bobble-free!

Since I feel I have enough "bobbles" on my body...I'd go for a bobble free environment as well!!

I wouldn't say I am anti-bobble, b/c I do think they are super cute. So maybe just anti-making-bobble. I do think they add a nice element/texture to a pattern. I am excited to see how this pattern plays out. I love the wide ribbing on the bottom and I even have a surprise in store. A design element surprise. One that I have not shown in the photos yet. :)

i can't wait to see how this turns out. i think it's going to be great!