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Project -  Raglan Pullover for charity
Bernat Pattern Book #542012 – 9 Family Designs to Knit
Yarn – Bernat Felting in Snap Dragon
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Now, after several weeks of patient stockinette knitting, it's time to block all the pieces of my warm wool sweater for charity.  I don't mind knitting a sweater in pieces like this, because I think the seams make the knitted garment hold its shape better than when it is knit in the round.....especially when it's a fitted garment like this.  But, of course, that's just MY opinion!  I'm sure that some of you will disagree with me.  There is one thing I have learned about knitters - we all like to speak our minds!

This thick wool has been a real joy to work with.  The Bernat Felting yarn is intended to be used for felted garments, so it's 100% wool.  It has been so nice to feel the wool flowing through my fingers to knit this sweater for charity.  Occasionally, I would bring the yarn up to my nose, and take a good whiff.  Brings to mind the smells of an open field.  I can imagine myself riding a horse, and gazing at all the beautiful flowers, while a lovely flock of sheep wanders by.  Ah...........

But, back to reality.....I've never even ridden a horse before!  Ha!  :)

Now that all my pieces were knitted, I needed to block them to shape.  So, I pulled out my blocking board and got to work.  This blocking board has gone through a lot over the years.  I have used it to lay out pattern pieces for sewing, as well as for blocking my knitting.  It's been poked, pulled, sprayed, stained, etc....but it still works!  Best four dollars I ever spent.

Since I don't really have much space available inside my house, I set up a table on my back porch, and laid out the blocking board.  Soon, all the pieces of my sweater were laid out and pinned to shape.

When I was satisfied with the layout, I got some clean towels damp, then covered everything up.

Now, all I have to do is wait for the towels to dry, then I will be able to seam it all together.  Exciting!

- Shandeh


just recently downloaded a pattern through annies attic it calls for a three needle bind off noy quite sure what that is or how to do it any help would be greatly appreciated

This source might help you out