A Big Gift

Project – Two Strand Jacket
Patons pattern book #500840 Men
Yarn –  Patons Canadiana - the New Generation
Blogger – K1Paula2

As previously discussed on the blog, many of us are busy knitting and crocheting holiday gifts. Since my brother would probably rather read a Corvette blog than a knitting blog, I think I'm safe in admitting here that I'll be giving this project to him. (Go figure. There's no accounting for taste.) Any readers who know my brother are now officially sworn to secrecy.

I've given my sister handmade bags, hats, scarves, and a huge throw. I've made hats, scarves, fun little things for my niece and nephew. I've made a sweater, scarf and sundry objects for my sister-in-law (of course, some of these were made before she learned to knit). There are two reasons I haven't made many things for my brother:

  1. There aren't tons of interesting men's patterns he would probably wear.
  2. He's 6'4" which means 2XL (sleeves never fit him, so I'm adding to the sleeve length, too)...that's a lot of knitting.

Even so, I decided it was time to make something for my poor neglected brother. My s-i-l helped me narrow down the choices and colors, and we chose....

The Two-Strand Jacket. The pattern is written for Patons Decor, but I've been dying to try the "new generation" Patons Canadiana yarn. We decided to stick with the original black and red color scheme, but instead of a plain ordinary red, I opted for Crantini. It looks just like it sounds - a nice cranberry red. My brother was a bartender in college, so Crantini seemed like a perfect choice.


It's so pretty I almost wish we'd reversed the colors.

Is their anyone on your holiday list who is long overdue for a handmade gift?



Very handsome. Your brother will be surprised and pleased with the quality and the love that this project represents. It's also a plus that the Canadiana yarn is machine washable and dryable.

His wife really appreciates that it is machine washable! I can't wait to see it tomorrow!!!!

Not that he'd dare get it dirty.... I just realized, the Crantini might even go with his 'Vette.

This looks lovely. How's it coming along (with, ahem, three days to go)?

I finished it with one week to spare. Amazing, considering I was also making a bunch of crocheted market bags, a crocheted dishcloth, a crocheted cross bookmark, a felted bookmark, a knitted Barbie afghan and a pieced felt (not felted, just made of felt) table runner. Oh. Remember the felted knitting bag and needle case I made a few projects ago? A certain sister-in-law was surprised to find them under her tree. Since I'd practically forced her to "help" choose the colors, and she loves totebags, I was afraid she wouldn't be surprised! So glad she was.