Big Feet


I know my feet are big (and incidentally, in bad need of a pedicure) but do these slippers really have to look like canoes? I mean, really…the shape of these things crack me up! I have to say that so far, in the process of this pattern, the shape is rather simple but clever. The ingenuity does not make me laugh any less though. Look at Image B below: the weird tails on the right are going to be the heel! By the way, I'm loving the way Palais looks almost stripey until it gets to the toes. I think these are going to be very cool looking once felted.

Here are the “Slippers for Her” at the stage where I am about to sew the few seams then pick up stitches to add the contrast colored trim and straps. I knit both at the same time. Don’t be overly impressed by that. It’s an easy skill to master.


Image B

I like to knit two at a time whenever possible and I bet it’s easier than making pie (I don’t bake much. Even “no fail” crusts fail miserably in my kitchen!) You cast on two slippers, one from each ball of yarn onto one needle and voila you go from there. Go ahead and try– it really is simple! Just know that you don’t finish any sooner than knitting one at a time (I only say this because my simple-minded brain once tried to trick me into thinking that I would finish quicker, then I came across a little something called “Ounce of Sense” that said to me “knittinjen: you still have to knit two and the same number of stitches, same number of inches.” My snarky response to “Ounce of Sense” was: “Yeah, but they will be the same length and when you’re done, they’re both done! So there!” Go ahead and give knitting two items at a time a try. Allowing conversations with yourself optional.


I picked up some cute (simple) buttons the other day. Not having a few inches of the Palais Classic wool with me I guessed on the color and think I did pretty well. (Yes, I am aware that they’re a common navy blue…but that doesn’t make me less proud that I found these and that I think they’re going to be a nice contrast).




HI Jen, So you can knit two things at once!! Now, I know you'll try the socks again! The slippers are really cute and I might just have to knit a pair myself. I'm heading out to buy some more Paton's wool this week with Doreen. You know one of those "have too" trips! Oh darn! Talk to you later. Ann

I love the striping effect they're making. Can't wait to see how it looks after felting!