Bernat Yarn Madness - Winner!

The Ultimate Bernat Yarn has been crowned!

After 15 thrilling rounds of voting by you, a winner has been determined. There were cheers, jeers, and automobiles - but one yarn valiantly remains, standing above all others in a blaze of spun glory!

And the winner is...

Bernat Satin!

The Ultimate Bernat Yarn 2013: Bernat Satin!

It was a close match, but in the end Bernat Satin's gorgeous shade range made it the stand-out choice with 58% of the votes.

If you'd like a keepsake, you can download an updated version of the bracket. You can also get the real Bernat Satin experience by ordering it from our online shop!

Final Yarn Madness 2013 Bracket

Bernat would like to thank every one of you for making the first Yarn Madness competition a booming success! Thank you for participating by voting, sharing the news, and telling us what it is that makes each yarn special to you. For future events, keep following the Bernat Blog!


I knew it would win. It is by far my favorite yarn.

Yayyyy, this is the yarn I'm using lately and I have fallen in love with it like crazy.

I was rooting for Mosaic but Satin was my second favorite in the voting. This was fun to watch and join in on.

Congratulations to Bernat Satin Yarn for obtaining the crown of Ultimate Bernat Yarn! Love the fern, soft fern, and foliage Satin yarns.