Bernat Yarn Madness Round 2.2!


It’s time for Round 2 of Bernat Yarn Madness! Your votes have helped us narrow the field down to 8 contenders that will duke it out for the title of Ultimate Bernat Yarn! Check out the Round 2 intro post to download an updated bracket and play along!

Match-ups will take place here on the blog, and the winner of each match-up will be determined by your votes, so stop by regularly and vote to keep your favorite yarn in the competition! Keep an eye on the Bernat Blog and on Facebook and Twitter to find out when the battles are on!

In today's matchup, 2 fan favorite yarns will face off to see which  one will advance to the Final 4! Will Bernat Satin or Bernat Super Value get your vote?

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Remember, every vote counts, don't forget to tell us about your Yarn Madness picks on our Facebook page, and on Twitter using the hashtag #yarnmadness! The winner of this matchup will be one step closer to being crowned Ultimate Bernat Yarn!



Bernat Satin is my pick!

Super Value more colors and 7 ozs versis 3 ozs

Supervalue, the name says it all.

both are great

Both are wonderful but used for different purposes.....

I love both also for different projects...also does anyone other than me wish that pipsqueak yarn came in darker colors?

I do love the color choices of Super Value, but the sheen on the Satin gets me every time. Satin for me!

You can knit longer with Super Value without having to start a new skein so fewer ends to work in.

Satin gets my vote

I love all the yarns, but Satin is my present favourite, especially for baby clothes. Very soft and easy to work with, both crocheted and knitted projects turn out well.

Satin is soooooooo soft!

I go for the most bang for my buck, Bernat Super Value.

Both are great but used for different projects

I just finished making a dog sweater for a very large dog with this yarn. It moves well on the needles, and 7oz. would have made the entire sweater, but I added a hood, so I had to break the second skein. I was quite impressed with this yarn as opposed to another brand that was harsh and very difficult to work with even on teflon-coated needles (from the olden days). As soon as I started working with the Bernat Super Value, I could tell the difference. It was really lovely to work with.

I like both, but when you have only pennies to shop with after bills and necessities all paid for, you buy what givesnyou more for the buck. I try to watch for sales at stores when tey are no longer getting certain colors, then I stock up on the more expensive brands.

I use both, but for special things I prefer the finish Satin gives to the items. However, if I was judging by the amount of both that I have in my stash, the Super Value would come out the winner, simply because there are more colors and to be honest, it is a better price.

Super Value is a great value, great quality and comes in so many great colors. It is so easy to work up. Love it!

Love the color choices and the large size for bigger projects It's worth the money

Personally I like Bernat Satin as I have knitted a number of pairs of fingerless mitts with it and they have turned out really well. It is soft and nice weight, not too thick and could be a better quality.

i to am torn between these 2. i love the super value for the amount of yarn you get and the colour choice. i love the satin for the feel. only down side of the satin is that it is not always the best choice for toys which i make the most. so on that line of thought i'd pick the super value