Bernat Yarn Madness Round 2.1!

It's time for Round 2 of Bernat Yarn Madness! Your votes have helped us narrow the field down to 8 contenders that will duke it out for the title of Ultimate Bernat Yarn!

Match-ups will take place here on the blog, and the winner of each match-up will be determined by your votes, so stop by regularly and vote to keep your favorite yarn in the competition! Keep an eye on the Bernat Blog and on Facebook and Twitter to find out when the battles are on!

Here's your Elite 8! Which one is your pick for Ultimate Bernat Yarn?

Click the bracket image to view a larger version, or download your own bracket and play along at home!

Round 2 kicks off with Bernat Softee Baby and Bernat Baby Jacquards going head to head in a battle of the baby yarns! Make sure to vote for your favorite below!

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Every vote counts, so remember to use the hashtag #yarnmadness on Twitter and join us on Facebook to chat with your fellow Bernat fans, drum up support for your favorite yarn, and to tell us which yarn you think should be named Ultimate Bernat Yarn!


Soooo hard to pick. I love both of these.

I would and do have more projects using Softee Baby than I would Baby Jacquards.

Sometimes I like the color play with Jacquard, sometimes not, so I usually stick with Softee Baby. Love that yarn though...!

What a hard match-up! I love them both, but I had to be true to my jacquards fetish :)

Softee Baby with it's lovely colours. It is nice and soft in a decent sized ball.

Why in heavens name would I want anything to do with Bernat Yarn if I can't get a complaint answered? The Boa has cost me the loss of yarn - because I used it and it SHED all over everything -and cost me a Dry Cleaning bill. Oh!... and I lost a customer.

I was knitting wonderful prayer shawls the last one I started was in Bernat Softee Chunky Lavender The colour for elipesy. I have been buying my yarn from Zellars Bye Bye Zellars I have tried Michaels and WalMart not luck I would like to continue in Lavender Any suggestions where I can buy this yarn in Nova Scotia?? Joan

Just disappointed that so many beautiful colours of Bernat Baby Jacquards seem to have been discontinued recently-including two 'neutral' I can't make something for a baby until they're born because Lemon Pie and Boys and Girls were discontinued (the two neutral ones). I get so attached to the colours!!! Hopefully, some new shades come out to replace them...