Bernat Yarn Madness Round 1.7

It's that time of day: Yarn Madness! If you missed the full lineup, check out the intro post and download a bracket to play along!

Today's two of our classic fashion yarns go head-to-head. Which do you prefer - Bernat Soft Boucle or Bernat Boa? What are your favorite uses for fashion yarns?


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Remember, every vote counts, don't forget to tell us about your Yarn Madness picks on our Facebook page, and on Twitter using the hashtag #yarnmadness! The winner of this matchup will be one step closer to being crowned Ultimate Bernat Yarn!


This was a tough choice for me, I like them both. I choose the Boa because the colors are gorgeous and so rich looking. (I purchased 4 skeins of this yarn a couple of weeks ago.)

I like the boa, but not as well as the soft boucle

Have not used either one of these as yet, but I like the colors better in Boa and I can use one of my favorite hooks with it.

love Bernat.