Bernat Yarn Madness Round 1.3 & 1.1 Winner!

It's time for another round of Yarn Madness! If you missed the full lineup, check out the intro post and download a bracket to play along!

We have a winner in our first round. Thanks to all of our voters!

Today we're going back to basics: Bernat Baby Jacquards and Bernat Baby Coordinates! Two unique baby yarns with so many uses! Which one is your favorite and why?

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Remember, every vote counts, don't forget to tell us about your Yarn Madness picks on our Facebook page, and on Twitter using the hashtag #yarnmadness! The winner of this matchup will be one step closer to being crowned Ultimate Bernat Yarn!


Baby Jacquards are great for making 18" doll clothes. Perfect weight and the self pattern makes a unique outfit every time without having to weave in ends from changing colors. Perfect for a beginner knitter who wants an experienced finished look

I love the color changes in the Jaquards yarn.

I love these Jacquards Florals! !! Just finished making my fourth baby blanket and hat set using these gorgeous colorful yarns! People are intrigued by the patterning of these yarns in my projects! :) I wish ALL of the colors would be available in the stores where I shop!

I have enjoyed the Softee Baby Yarns. But, I love these Jacquard Florals!!! I just finished making my fourth baby blanket and hat set with these gorgeous colors. People are intrigued with the colorful design provided by these yarns in my projects! :) I wish ALL the colors of Florals would be carried in the stores where I shop.

I agree with Christine that the Baby Jacquards are excellent for dolls clothes....I now no longer make dolls clothes but am making baby clothes now...these are so lovely knitted in Baby Jacquards.....the colour changes are great..

I love the colors of the Baby Jacquards.

I love almost anything varigated, self-patterning, and the jaquards. It gives variety when doing a large project, and keeps me going

I adore Baby Jacquards...part of the fun is seeing the finished product, a mystery every time!

I love the way the Jaquards make every item unique. So fun:)

I love the ruffle hat in the Baby Jacquards Florals. I have made about a dozen of them. My toddler had 3 different ones last year. :)

once again... my imagination is exploding with desired projects... my fingers and imagination are creating even when I sleep Love the yarns dearly, but I am truly leaning towards the Bernat Baby Jacquards!!

These two yarns are great together, but the jacquard florals are unique!

This was a tough one, I enjoy both baby jacquards abd baby coordinates for baby projects.

Love them both for different baby projects or to use together! Just wish there was a way that when you start a new ball from the inside you don't end up with a big mess. I try really hard to just fine the end but it comes out like a big blob. :(

This was a tough decision. Baby Co-ordinates has such a unique sheen and texture. But I love the variation of patterns and colours in the Jacquard yarns and the very unique projects that Bernat has provided for this yarn.

I love both yarns, so this was hard to decide! But, Baby Jacquards won out in my corner, because of the lovely colors, and buttery smooth feel when being knitted or crocheted.