Bernat Yarn Madness Round 1.2 & 1.3 Winners!

We've got quite the victories for you this morning! For more information on Yarn Madness, check out the intro post and download a bracket to play along!

With 68% of the votes, you chose the winner in our second Classic match: Bernat Satin!

Bernat Softee Chunky Wins!

In the Baby category, you chose between Bernat Baby Jacquards and Bernat Baby Coordinates...  a whopping 73% of the votes later, Bernat Baby Jacquards came out ahead!

Bernat Baby Jacquards Wins!

Remember, every vote counts, don't forget to tell us about your Yarn Madness picks on our Facebook page, and on Twitter using the hashtag #yarnmadness! The winner of this matchup will be one step closer to being crowned Ultimate Bernat Yarn!


both are great. Hard to decide on this one.