Bernat Yarn Madness - Final Round!

The final round of Bernat Yarn Madness is finally upon us! Your votes have narrowed the field from 16 fan-favorite yarns, and now only 2 yarns are left standing.

Round 3.1 was a close one, but Bernat Softee Baby beat Bernat Mosaic with 56% of the vote.


Bernat Satin edged out Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell to win the final matchup of Round 3.


In this final round, Bernat Softee Baby and Bernat Satin will face off, with the winner being awarded the title of Ultimate Bernat Yarn!

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Remember, every vote counts, so don't forget to tell us about your Yarn Madness picks on our Facebook page, and on Twitter using the hashtag #yarnmadness! The winner of this final matchup will be crowned Ultimate Bernat Yarn!


I love Softee Baby the best

Using Satin now. Amazing yarn & so soft. Thanks!

I guess being a new gramma influenced my choice because I like satin too!

I use Satin and Satin Sport a lot, depending on the weight I need for a project. They are both so soft, and drape beautifully.

Since I do charity for small babies,children...Bernat Softee is the favorite for me and the people who receive the hats/blankets...HOPE YOU WIN>>>>SOFTEE

I love working with baby softee

This was a really difficult choice, both are wonderful yarns, but I like the variety of colors available in Satin. Both yarns are soft and nice to word with, so it was a really tough decision.