Bernat staff and bloggers get hooked on the Crochet-Along!

The Bernat Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along is a hit across the web, but it has also grabbed the attention of many members of the Bernat Design Studio. We'll check in weekly and let you know our progress as we Crochet-Along.

Dina - Bernat Blogger

After hearing about the crochet-along, I decided to jump in.  I've never participated in any KAL or CAL (and Bernat's last KAL looked like fun).  Besides, it would be a great opportunity to advance my crochet skills and learn some new stitches.

The hard part was choosing colors: picking five coordinating colors was a challenge.  I decided to use my couch for inspiration and picked green and blue as my main colors with red, taupe and cream as accents.  I hope the finished afghan will look lovely draped over my couch.  Can't wait to get started.

Suzanne - Graphic Designer

Hi! I’m Suzanne, a Graphic Designer  at Bernat® and a knitter. I recently learned to crochet and when I found out about the Mystery Afghan I thought; what a great way to improve my crochet skills and learn about all the different stitches.

Choosing colours was pretty easy. I decided that I would make this afghan as a wedding gift. The couple who I am giving it to wanted purple- their wedding colour. So I choose two purple shades and 3 grey shades to accent the purples. Now the pressure is on, time to start crocheting!

Sandy - Bernat Blogger

Sometimes, when looking through craft magazines & websites, I’ll see beautiful designs for lacy crochet cardigans and shawls.  Hopefully after this Mystery Blanket CAL, I’ll have the skills I need to give some of them a try.  Since I have arthritis, I will only make one or two squares each week, using Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky, to make a smaller baby blanket. I hope I’ll be able to finish my squares on time each week!  - Shandeh

Sara - Marketing Team

I learned to crochet 5 years ago, well actually I learned the single crochet stitch 5 years ago.  I fell in love with the sc, the simplicty of it, the rhythm of it, the texture of it - everything about the sc I loved!!  I saw no reason to move on with other crochet stitches, I was in sc nirvana.  Until we started discussing the CAL in the office, then I was tempted to spread my crochet wings gently to other stitches.  I knew the day had to come, not abandoning my beloved sc, but broadening my crochet skills. Why do I feel like I am commiting sc adultery?

My colours were based on my finished afghan being given to a charity for a child that needs to be wrapped in a whole bunch of love.  I wanted my colours to be bright & cheerful and a bit unexpected.

Tune in Wednesday for Clue #2!


Nice colors everyone! I chose the same colors as were listed in the pattern, only I switched out the lavender for pumpkin. I have an afghan to finish first before I start this project, so I haven't started yet! Can't wait! MGM

I must be the tightest crocheter EVER because I needed to go to a size L hook to get the gauge! Is anyone else finding the J to be too small?

I know what you mean .... I can't believe it either but I am using an L hook too so we are not alone anymore. :-)

Ha! I'm using a N hook. I usually have to go up 2 sizes from what's recommended in a pattern, but going to an N feels like a lot. it came out to 8", so I'm not complaining. Just gotta make sure I don't loosen up as the CAL goes forward.

WHOA and N????? That's like crocheting with my arm bone!!! Glad to know I'm not alone in the upsizing. It's weird, I haven't ever had this problem when I've worked other patterns.

Me too! I looked and looked and couldn't find an L hook with any of the manufacturers at the store and just assumed that they didn't make one. So, I used K and so mine will just be a smidgen smaller than the rest. Oh well : )

yes, I used K also and ended up with the right gauge, I'm not used to checking my gauge, but...I will from now on...:)

I had to go all the way to an M hook to get the correct gauge - so I must crochet unbelievably small compared to those that designed the pattern! Ended up with 8 inches and 17 rows, so I'm happy!

I foubnd the fabric was too stiff with a J hook, so I'm using a K now and very happy with the outcome. :) Sande in Fresno, CA, USA

I think i crochet too tight also... i had to use a "N" to get the correct now I know why everying that I have worked looked a little small. I had the bad habit of not checking the gauge :)

I've always had the opposite problem-my guage is always too big. I had to use worsted weight instead of chunky to get the right size. I guess I'm just a loose woman, eh? LOL

And I know I'm pretty uptight, but this is ridiculous!!!

Hi, I'm a loose woman too. I'm using a G hook to get 8 inch square on the granny square.

I am also using an L . This is typical for me. I almost always have to select a hook 2 sizes larger than the prescribed size to meet the gauge.

I love all the different colors. I made 10 different color patterns and had trouble choosing one. I can't wait to see all the different combinations. Can't wait until Wednesday!

I really like the colors you picked Dina! They look like they should really go well with your couch.

I loved all of the colors that you picked. Makes me wish I had been a little more adventuresome and tried some different ones, too. I have been a knitter for 65 years but have never done any crocheting except for edging. Hoping I can learn enough to try some crocheting projects, too. The week goes by too slowly. Can't wait for the next clue.

is it wednesday yet?

Hi! , I am very happy to be able to be part of the mystery afghan project. I will be doing it for my uncle's 35th wedding aniversary. I live in Mexico and love Bernat yarns.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, will you ever come!! I couldn't find a regular "J" hook so my friend had a "J" afghan hook and that is what I am using. It works fine.

I love everyones colour combos... they all look great :)

I am really excited to see the next clue. It will be fun to see the different colors. Have fun I sure am

Suzanne - yellow is also a great accent for purple. You may decide that the greys you chose are a bit drab and swap one out for a nice yellow. (hint hint) Sande in Fresno, CA, USA

Drat! I wish the Michael's I went to had the Purples. I would have totally picked those colours. Maybe next time.

Neat to have gotten even the Bernat employees excited about this! That makes my completely unofficial-yet-fun headcount to approximately 339!! I combed the first Blog announcing the CAL, finished the comments off in Clue 1, bounced over to here to see what this was about (glad I did), and assuming we haven't changed names *too* many times, we are on our way to quit a big head count. :D It's after midnight, so WHERE'S MY CLUE 2!?!? ;)

Teehee... apparently typing in all caps is the key. Twas there when I scrolled up LOL :D

It's 9:15 pacific standard time and 12:15 eastern standard time. Open, Open, Open please. Waiting for Clue #2

I'm making my afghan with the suggested yarn and colors (they're beautiful). But after looking at all the different combinations, I think I might try an additional afghan with worsted weight yarns and different colors. See how it turns out.

Sandy, I love the idea of making a baby sampler afghan with the clues along with the regular size. Are you using the same size hook or a smaller size to go with the smaller gauge yarn?

Hi Amy! I'm using the same size hook, and the yarn is the same thickness also. (Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky) I'm loving the soft feel of the yarn! I will be making less squares, so the afghan will be smaller. :)

Thanks for that tip. I'll have to check out the Baby Coordinates Chunky when I go back to the craft store because it sounds like so much fun to make a baby version too.

This is my first time using the Baby Coordinates Chunky. It is SO much softer than the regular Baby Coordinates. I'm just loving it. Let me know how you like it!

I will. It sounds great and I'm glad it's the same size as the softee chunky so it won't take as long to work up as regular light weight baby yarn.

Hi! Nice colors, loved them all. I got so thrilled about CAL but a tendonitis hit me, so I had to slow down a little bit. But my first square of the first clue turned out nicely (have to finish the second) and hope to get better soon to begin second clue.

Good luck with your crocheting! I have tendonitis also if I do too much with my hands. So, I know how you feel. I have to force myself to work SLOWLY, even if I know how to do it faster. If I go slow, and let the yarn flow without holding it too tightly, the pain stays away.

I have been waiting and waiting to get my yarn. I didn't get creative and chose the suggested colors. I got most of it yesterday but the forest green is still on back order. I hope we don't do a f. green too soon. I can't wait to get home tonite and to get started! This is my first CAL and I am very excited to be a part of it.

Michaels had the forest green and the Natural. that was all.

I love the Bernat KAL and CAL's . I am still finishing the KAL, it will a christmas present and was soooo happy to see a CAL. I did the first clue at boy scout camp last weekend and will be doing #2 at cub scout camp this weekend. The boys are all really interested in my yarn crafts. Thank you for putting these together!!

Neat! I bet that some of those guys would like to give it a try. Some of my male piano students are wanting to learn!

I love Bernat yarns and have been using them for years.I started crocheting at the age of seven.My grandmother taught me.I used to get so upset when she would rip out my project and tell me I was making my stitches to tight.But 35 years later I like to think she would be proud of some of the things I have made.Second clue printed off and I am still so excited, as I was last week.There's just something about working with yarn that calms the spirit.Have a Blessed week everyone.

sofar so good I actually know how to do the squares. Sure look forward to Wednesdays. Having fun

I had to go down to an I hook - so you're not alone, Corinna! The Joann's I went to didn't have the suggested colors, so I am using 2 shades of taupe (dark and soft), natural, teal, and redwood. I love the deep colors and this will so great on our bed! Also waiting to see what sex a member of the family's baby will be so I can do one for him/her! Thankfully I have until May to finish that one!

I love being able to do all the different patterns. I make a lot of blankets so this is finally a different kind of stitches to learn. I had to use a N hook for the first square and then for the second I had to use the J hook go figure. Cannot wait until Wednesday for clue 3.

I am so anxious to see the outcome and yet, a little concerned that the pattern may become more difficult and I may get stuck. At least we have one week in between to complete our clues I await each and every .Wednesday for our next clue. Happy crocheting

I am making this afghan and hopefully when finished I can raffle it off to donate proceeds to ASPCA. Does anyone know how to find out if I can use the finished product in this manner?

Love the patterns so far....finished the first and started the 2...changed two of the accent colors to pumpkin and bronze...but having trouble finding the have it on order from two websites....hope one comes through before we need to use it. This is my first CAL and can't wait for Wednesdays to arrive.

I also chose the suggested colors, but substituted faded denim for the forest. I think it'll make it "my own" a little more.

I get excited about Wednesdays too. I've already finished the next two squares. Using up all my old yarn just hoping the squares will all fit. I know the colours will be wild and random. Also making another one from a big ball of Bernat Cotton...the dishcloth I'll either have a cool afghan to take on picnics or a huge dishcloth for group cleanup

Ordered my yarn late so I will be playing catch up but that's okay.

I just love this. Any guesses as to what it will be? I love being able to just put it in my bag and take it where ever I go. I just love Wednesdays.