Bernat staff and bloggers get hooked on Clue 1 of the Crochet-Along!

The Bernat Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along is a hit across the web, but it has also grabbed the attention of many members of the Bernat Design Studio. We’ll check in weekly and let you know our progress as we Crochet-Along.

Dina – Bernat Blogger

So happy when I read that we only had to make 2 squares.  And they worked up rather quickly.  I did have trouble remembering which was the right side, so I attached a little plastic safety pin to remember ('cuz I'm bound to forget when it comes time to attach all the pieces).

Suzanne – Graphic Designer

I loved crocheting these two squares, the simple line of singles and then a line of doubles was easy to follow and I had them finished in no time at all. My squares came out 9x9 instead of 8x8., but I think that’s the result of using a 6.5mm hook instead of a 6. I will try and keep all my squares 9x9.

Sandy – Bernat Blogger

Since I'm a beginner with crochet, I didn't know how to do the "double-crochet" stitch, so I looked at the crochet instructions on the Bernat website under "New to Craft".
When I understood the double-crochet stitch, Clue 1 was easy to complete. :)
Here's my square!  (Just making one of these for my baby blanket.)


I made clue 2, but my square 2 is bigger than square 1, did this happend to anyone else. Is this supposed to happen. Does anyone have any hints for me.

Sheila ~ All your squares should be the same size so you can sew them all together properly. I would try using a hook that is a size smaller than the one you used for square 2. Keep going down a size until it is the same size as your square 1. Hope that helps!

That did happen to me! First clue I was at 8", Clue 2 I was at 9"...I had to undo the whole thing, crocheted a little tighter and came out with 8" just fine. I hope you are able to quickly find a solution!

Sheila, I had the same problem! I started over, this time not pulling the stitches up as much during the double crochet, and doing that made all the difference!

Nice job ladies! Sandy, I love the baby yarn you are using. I can't wait until Wednesday to get clue #3...I've very impatient! MGM

Thanks Mary Grace! I'm really enjoying using the Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky yarn. It is SO SOFT! I wonder if I'll end up keeping this baby blanket for myself, to use as a lapghan in my craft room? :)

I love the pink Baby Chunky. Will your baby afghan be all this pink?

I love it too, Anne! Such a pretty color, and very soft to the touch. I'm using 5 different colors of Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky for my blanket. (Cosy Rosy, Comfy Blue, Toasty Teal, Snuggly Sprite, and White)

Nice! I love the muted shades. They will make a beautiful baby blanket. Can't wait to see it!

The baby chunky is *really* nice to work with, looks great! I think it is great there are inexperienced crocheters using this CAL to learn also! Great job! Patiently waiting for Clue #3! It is easy to wait when I have a second and third project to work on during the week ;o)

Mona: I agree, it is good to have another project to work on in the meantime. So far, each installment has worked up pretty quickly and I can't wait for the next clue! I just have 1 additional project right now though, because I promised myself I will not start another project until I finish the ones I've already started! I have another afghan to finish (just adding tassels and I'm all done) and a teddy bear (just needs a muzzle and features). I'll finish one and then the other and THEN I'll let myself start something new (besides the crochet along, of course!). It is fun to do a 'crochet along' knowing others are doing the same thing at the same time.

To Suzanne: As long as all of your squares are the same size, that's fine, but do keep in mind that you will probably use more yarn than the pattern calls for. If that is going to be a problem, then it would be easier to redo your few squares now before you get too deep into it. If you're okay with it though, you will have a nice, big afghan!

I am hoping for some feedback from fellow bloggers. I chose different colors for my afghan, but I ordered the wrong quantities of 2 of the colors. Instead of 6 Natural and 2 Walnut, I have the opposite. My other colors are: 7 Topaz, 2 Redwood, and 2 Bronze. Now here's my question: Should I 1) just use the colors as they are (will the Natural look strange as just a little bit of light color?); 2) Order 4 more skeins of Natural and do it as I originally planned (added cost and what do I do with the extra brown?); 3) order two skeins of the orange color and use it instead of the Natural? What do you all think? Thanks!

I think the colors sound great together and I don't think it would look strange at all with only a little of the lighter color. I would go with option 1. You can always lay the entire set of squares out and change your mind before you sew it all together. Then it's simply a matter of buying what you think would look better and changing out those squares. The extras can be turned into a scarf, pillow, small bag, etc...

I think your afghan will still be beautiful, no matter how the colors are distributed! I had planned on white being my main color, but when I got my yarn I saw that I had more pink than white. So, I'm using pink as my main color now, and it's turning out very pretty.

I agree with Amy. I think the Natural will look nice as an accent with those darker colors.

Thank you all so much for your input. I will do as you suggest and keep what I have and only switch colors if I don't like it at the end.

I would go ahead and use the colors you have...then maybe use the extra brown in a pillow or other decorative accessory.

Hooray, just received clue# 3, and getting started at midnight. Hubby's asleep, so I won't be disturbed. Posting on facebook as soon as I finish 1. Needing 8 total.

Hello ...Its wednesday and its HERE....Yippy!!!!

How do i get the directions for Clue 1. I have 2 and 3 but i not able to get 1 so any help would sure be appreciated. Ty Patti

Here's Clue #1:

Ty so much!!!!

Are there any items to be made using mystery clues for knitting?