On Being a Detailer

Project – T-Rex Toy (free pattern)
Yarn – Patons Canadiana
Blogger – YoElizbo

So once you get most of the sewing done, then comes the detail work. Actually this is sort of fun.

Using duplicate stitch and outline stitch, you add spots:

And a face:

The eyes are stuffed with an extra little bit to make them bug out:

Like a car detailer, the fun of this is adding these final bits of personality. After all this time of working your dino, he finally starts to look, well, like a dino. Best of all, once you get all your spots and grin and teeth on, you are ready to get out the stuffing and transform your flat dino into the real thing.

And then the hard part will come. Giving him up!

Anyone else eying last minute knitting projects? What are you trying to get off the needles?



Your "flat dino" looks like road kill. Just less bloody. Haaar! I am trying to get the last of a pair of felted clogs finished but thankfully they don't have to be done until January 1st.

Oh! This is soooooo cute. Even inside out and unstuffed. Giving him up will be the hard part for sure. Last minute projects: I've been using odds and ends of yarn (mostly sock or lace weight) to knit tiny sweaters. I knit two icord sleeves (6-8 stitches) then knit a tiny body (maybe 18 stitches depending on the yarn), join the sleeves and start decreasing for a tiny yoked sweater. I use craft wire to make coat hangers, and tape the whole thing inside Christmas cards for my favourite people. Great quick project and achingly cute.

I finished all my projects by present opening time on Christmas Morning! :) YAY! I knew I could do it! :)