On Being an Archeologist

Project – T-Rex Toy (free pattern)
Yarn – Patons Canadiana
Blogger - YoElizbo

I've been thinking a lot about archeology lately I've been knitting my T-rex. Cause like an archeologist on a dig, you start by knitting this in pieces.

The soles of the feet. Little skinny arms.

A tail.

And like an archeologist, you sort of look at your collection of knitting "bones" and wonder how they heck they fit together. Some of these pieces I've turned over and upside down and tried to see how they are going to work, but it just doesn't make any sense. At least not yet. I can't for the life of me see what it is going to look like when I get done.

So instead of spending too much time pondering this dilemma, I have told myself I need to just keep digging, er knitting, and believe that in the end I'll have an entire T-rex. On the positive side, I must say the yarn, this new Canadiana, is to die for. Nummy, nummy soft. Perfect for a new best friend who happens to be a dinosaur in the making. And much better than being hip deep in dirt and muck, digging out the real thing. Also, it will be much easier to wrap up for Christmas.

What are you knitting for Christmas/holiday gifting?



Three pairs of socks(two pairs are done) One set of fingerless gloves (done, needs blocking) One hat(just added to list; de-stash) felted bag(yarn just bought, casting on this week) Two cowls (one done, one lace not done) I'm totally optimistic. I can get this done! the first time that everything will be done by Christmas! WHoo HOOO!

Good for you! That is awesome. I have the dino to stuff, a sweater that is almost done, fingerless gloves and a hat left to finish. Will. Get. It. All. Done. Oh, and a Christmas Stocking.

That's totally do-able! You can get it done!

Crocheting - 3 scarves - 2 done 1 sweater with matching hooded scarf and fingerless gloves - done 10 cotton dishcloths - 7 done and 27 cotton bath poofs - 22 done and a hoodie sweater for my hubby.