Behold...My Purple Masterpiece

Project – Lace Edge Cardigan (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Satin in Lavender
Blogger – Shandeh

Yay!  My beautiful purple cardigan is finally finished!

It has taken quite a while to complete this project, because there were so many steps in the process.  The detailed lace design and knot stitch required time, patience, and concentration.  I made lists to help with following the pattern, and used almost every tool in my knitting bag!  (row counter, stitch markers, notebook, circular needles, dpns, seaming pins, yarn needle, etc.)

But it was worth every bit of the work.   In fact, I would be willing to do it again.  Maybe I could make a lace edge cardigan in every color of Bernat Satin!  Then, I would have one for almost every week of the year!  Ha! :)

Since my last post about this project, I got a lot done.

I originally planned on attaching the lace collar as I knit it, according to the directions, but was not able to make it look consistent.  So, I figured out how long it would need to be, and knit it separately.  Then, I pinned it in place, and stitched it together.

After the collar was on, the seaming of the sleeves went quickly.

First, I pinned the sleeves in position,

then seamed them carefully.  I'm happy with the results! :D

I really love the look of the knot design, and the lace edging dresses it up well.  The collar would not lay down the way I wanted it to, so I decided to tack it in place.  I think this cardigan will be a special part of my wardrobe for many years!   Thank you for the beautiful design and yarn, Bernat!



Very pretty!

Thank you! It's the very first purple item in my wardrobe. Now, I'm looking for a skirt or pants to match!

I'm glad you took photos of the details. I like it even better close-up!!

Thank you, John! Nice to hear from you in the Bernat Blog, my good friend. *hug*

that is absolutely beautiful!

Thank you, tillie! :) It has a place of honor in my closet now. It just GLOWS!

It is absolutely beautiful!

Thanks Rose! I am a very proud knitter.

How very stunning...and your work is impeccable!

Thank you, Elliesue! (Hey - that rhymes!) :) It's nice for someone to notice my attention to detail on this project. *hug*

I thought the stitch pattern was lovely. The finished project certainly did it justice. You deserve to be proud.

Thank you, knitting bee! I'm loving the vintage look of this design. The cameo pin is fun to wear with it, too. :)

absolutely beautiful!

Thank you, Meghan! *hug*

Sandy, it is very beautiful! The style and colour look lovely on you. :)

Thank you, Dina! I've finally grown into the style I've always loved. When I was a teenager, I was always drawn to vintage styles, hair buns, cameo pins. Now, I'm old enough to wear them well!

Hello, I am new to knitting and I need help…. I start the precious booties patern, I understand it and I finish one but when is time to sewing it, it doesn’t look good I try to ways and it’s not that…help please (excuse my english).

Hi Chantal! When seaming in knitting, you do the stitches on the OUTSIDE of the garment. This will leave the excess yarn on the inside of the garment. I know it sounds weird, because it is the exact opposite of sewing seams with fabric. Trust works. You will find some good photos and illustrations if you search the knitting websites for "mattress seam". Good luck with your booties!

Hello, and a big thank you. I have practice during the week end and I think that I'm ready to do the booties with the right yarn...

Wonderful! Let us know how it turns out. :)