April 2013

Movie Monday (TV Edition): Call the Midwife

PBS (via BBC) has done it again with another must-see period episodic. Call the Midwife --just like the network's wildly popular show, Downton Abbey -- is a

Community Update - Spring CAL!

Our Spring Crochet Along starts next week!  Have you got your skeins of Bernat Bamboo yarn ready?  I have a lovely stash in the color "Linen", and I can't keep my hands away from it!  In my opinion, Bernat Bamboo is the most luxurious of all their yarns.  The fiber

Handicrafter Crochet Thread Skirt in Vogue Knitting Crochet Issue!

I've never designed for Vogue before. I guess that I've gotten so caught up with championing the beginner/intermediate stitchers via magazines like Knit Simple, that I'd never

Community Update #32

Have you noticed the updated look to Bernat's yarn web pages?  I am really loving all the nice, BIG swatches for each Bernat yarn.   Take a look at the Bernat Softee Chunky page.  Wow!  It's like I'm RIGHT THERE, looking at a skein of yarn.  Love it!  Thank you,

Movie Monday (TV Edition): Game of Thrones

Are any of you watching HBO's epic series, Game of Thrones? It's not for the faint of heart, but oh, it is a feast for the eyes! Picture this: a dark, dirty pub that likely stinks of alcohol,

Get to Know: Designer & DIY Bride, Linda Permann!

When the Bernat team decided to spend the 2nd half of April celebrating brides and weddings I immediately thought of my friend, the amazingly talented crochet designer Linda Permann. Coincidentally, she had just married her long-time boyfriend in a ceremony fit for any fiber fiend!

Community Update #31

Yes!  We WILL be having a Spring Crochet-Along (CAL), using yummy Bernat Bamboo yarn!  Woo Hoo!  Can't wait to make that beautiful Crochet Vest!

Thanks to Patty for recommending this CAL by commenting earlier in the Bernat Blog.

So, get your yarn ordered, and practice

Bernat Yarn Madness - Winner!

The Ultimate Bernat Yarn has been crowned!

After 15 thrilling rounds of voting by you, a winner has been determined. There were cheers, jeers, and automobiles - but one yarn valiantly remains, standing above all others in a blaze of spun glory!

And the winner is...

Photo Recap: Vogue Knitting, Seattle!

I'm back from Vogue Knitting Live, Seattle -- and as usual, I had a blast at this show! I got to see a bunch of friends, be inspired by a

Community Update #30

It was a dark and stormy night.....   (tee-hee)   Good thing I had plenty of Bernat yarn in my stash!  Stormy nights are actually kinda fun for me, because I get to use a different color on my Bernat Temperature project!  :)