August 2012

Vickie's Tip of the Day: Baby Month #23

Remember, you don’t need to go complex to make a great gift for baby. A cuddly-soft Beautiful Baby Blanket or a huge granny square “tummy time” mat like the From Middle Baby Blanket made in Bernat Baby Blanket are as beautiful as

Vickie's Tip of the Day: Baby Month #22

Need something for the older kids to do while you’re attending to the baby? Get them finger knitting! It works great with both smooth yarns like Baby Coordinates and textured yarns like Baby Boucle, and keeps their hands busy while they watch TV

Vickie's Tip of the Day: Baby Month #21

As a mother of 3 kids, I know all too well what it’s like to have “mommy brain” -- you know, those forgetful moments brought on by lack of sleep and mega-multi-tasking. Know what I mean? Give yourself a break and use stitch markers at pattern

Crafts 'n' Things Frame Front

As we inch closer to official "crafting season" (aka "It's time to get gift-making!"), I thought I'd

Featured Yarn Giveaway: Bernat Baby Coordinates

We're ending Bernat Baby Month on a high note with this week's Featured Yarn Giveaway and a look at our most popular baby yarn - Bernat Baby Coordinates!

Made of super soft, sport-weight acrylic and available

Vickie's Tip of the Day: Baby Month #20

Did you know that plastic baby wipes containers make great storage boxes for double-pointed needles, crochet hooks and notions? Simply rinse them out, remove the label, and stash your stuff!


Vickie's Tip of the Day: Baby Month #19

Be social.  As parents, it’s easy to neglect our own crafty needs. If possible, join or start your own knitting/crochet group. This ensures that even if it's only for one evening a month, you'll have time on your calendar set aside solely for nurturing your

Guest Blogger: Fredda Perkins + Yarn Fringe Lamp Project!

Yarn Fringe Lampshade

Yarn Fringe Lampshade

Every grandmother supposedly knits or crochets her grandchildren a little hat or an afghan. Not me, I never learned to knit and I haven’t crocheted in 30 years. Despite that, I love to walk

Vickie's Tip of the Day: Baby Month #18

Carry on.  If you're caring for an infant, utilize a baby sling.  Snuggly carriers make wee ones feel secure while offering you the option of some hands-free knit & crochet time!

Stitch.Rock.Knit-along: Photo Recap

Prepped & Ready to Go!

Last week our Bean(ie) Town, cabled hat, Stitch.Rock.Knit-along came to a head (har, har, har). Participants ranged from beginning knitters who'd never cabled a stitch, to ol' pros who love a good, quick project. As always it was a blast!