April 2012

Joining Up

This isn't a recruitment call, but when you join up a sweater, you really do need all your ducks (and wits) in a row. You've got the body on one set of needles, and, if you are like me, one sleeve on needles and the other on waste yarn. Then you have to keep all your stitches in line,

Fun & Simple Project #1

Normally I choose projects that teach me a new skill or technique. This time, I chose projects that used some of Patons' newer yarns: Wild Child and Moxie.

When a new yarn is introduced, there often aren't a lot of patterns to choose from other than simple scarves or shawls. The hot pink Wild Child just screamed at

Sleeves Times Two

I knit my sleeves two at a time,  which makes the entire process quicker. I don't suffer from "second sleeve syndrome" and it ensures that both sleeves are the same size -  at least, that is always the plan when I cast them on:

I either do them with the Magic Loop method, or

That Four Letter Word: Steek

It may have five letters, but say "steek" to most knitters - myself included - and they will shiver in fear. But I knew I would get more wear out of this sweater if it were a cardigan rather than a pullover. So from the beginning, I planned on steeking this project.

I added an extra set of stitches right

The Wrong Kind of Frogging

Project – Zip Neck Saddle Shoulder Pullover (Boy)
Patons free pattern
Yarn – Patons New Canadiana in Lime Juice

I knew I was pushing my luck, calling that other post The Right Kind of Frogging. I just knew it.

So, here I go again, making mistakes so you don't have to.


Big Box of Yarn

Don't you love it when you come home and find a big box of yarn waiting on your doorstep?


Inside this lovely batch we have some Patons Kroy Sock FX yarn which is destined in part to be socks for all the