Another Day, Another Double Crochet

This is my new motto. Making your first afghan is a serious investment in time and energy. I think I know why I'm notorious for never finishing anything - it's because I have five projects on-the-go at all times. Startitis at it's finest.

Until now.


Tah Dah! I give you progress! Lately, this afghan comes with me everywhere. My own personal security blanket, I have forsaken my other projects for this exciting little bit of geometry. Don't get me wrong, I'm still coming up with new project ideas by the dozen, but for now, my crafty energies are going towards a future of warmth and coziness.


Did I mention how much I love these colors? Thank you Patons Decor, and your marvelous stepping stone shades.



Holy cow, that thing looks huge! I'm impressed. Keep up the good work and resist temptation... (Now if I could only take my own advice. Haaah!)

Looks great! How big is it so far? You inspired me to make a granny square blanket. Only when it got to be about 12" wide I decided it was taking too long to finish a round, so I will do several large squares instead of one enormous square.

Like the kitten says; "hang in there baby!". I really need to get me one of those posters...