And…It is Over!

Project – Tiled Blocks Blanket (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Stretch in  Purple Ping Pong, Stretchy Snow, Jungle Jump, Blue Boing
Blogger – JenWKnits

I started this project with high hopes.  The colors of the yarn and the design of the project were – and still are – beautiful in my eyes.  However, I overlooked a very important point.  I’m a bad finisher.  I don’t like it and I’m not good at it.  I usually choose projects that require no seaming and that only require a quick blocking when the last stitch has been knit.

Yet, I decided to pick a project that had 24 different squares that needed to be sewn together.

As I knit each square, I was concerned about how the smaller colors would line up in the middle of the blanket.  I am pleased to say that shouldn’t have been such a concern.  The yarn stretches nicely and while it took a few hours to finish, it was easy work to get them to match up.  I am very pleased with the middle two panels of the blanket.

However, it is the side edges that I don’t like.  They are ragged and uneven.  For now, I am considering the project finished but I am not giving this to my new niece just yet.  I’m thinking about picking up the stitches and adding a border all the way around.  I just can’t decide which of the 4 colors to use.  Do you have any suggestions?

Next week, I’ll introduce you to my new project which I’m very excited about and requires no finishing.  Woo hoo!



Hi Jen I really like your baby blanket. I think I would likely go with the Blue Boing for the border, but any of the colours would look good.

I would do a single crochet in blue around the edge. It's quick and easier than picking up all those stitches. It turned out great by the way!Love the colors

I love the blanket! And I feel your "finishing pain". If you decide on a border, I vote for Ping Pong (hope that's the correct name for the purple-blue colour). :)

Yay! Aren't you glad to finish all that work?!

Why not do a round of single crochet in each colour?

I feel your pain. I am fairly competent at finishing, but I don't enjoy it. When I am done I want to move on to the next project. A bit ADD of me. Lucky most blankets I make another lady in our church craft group finshes for me, as she can't knit or crochet anymore. (They go to a hospital in Africa) I just finished one for my great-niece and couldn't really ask her to do it for me. Forgot how tedious, but it is very satisfying in the end. I vote for a narrow border in the blueish colour.

How 'bout a contrasting color, like a bright yellow or pink?

To minimize sewing pieces together (also my least favorite thing to do), how about using a finished square and create stitches (for next square) by picking up 1/2 of the required number of stitches along the side-edge where the next square will be and then cast on the remaining 1/2 of the required number of stitches. Then knit as usual. Yes, it may get bulky to knit, but then it's like you are piecing together and making new squares simultaneously.

For future reference it can be easier to seam blocks or strips or whatever together as you go so that it is not as tedious at the end. It gives incentive to finish the project if you can see the partly finished item as you work. How many of us have stacks of squares or such in the back of the UFO cupboard?

I second Tricia's idea of single crochet in each colour around- depending on how much yarn you have left.

Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions!! I really appreciate your feedback. I never considered a crocheted edge - I don't know how to crochet and I've been wanting to learn. It sounds to me like it is time - now I'm excited to do it. Thank you!!!!!

I too, was thrilled with the baby bernat stretch yarn but made a terrible mistake when i started my projectcalled pig in a blanket for my future granddaughter. i can not get ahold of color jungle jump in baby stretch from bernat yarns. any suggetions??

We no longer carry Bernat Baby Stretch - your best bet would be to check Ravelry or eBay for shades. Good luck!