Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

“The only thing that separates us from the animals [monkeys] is our ability to accessorize.”
– Clairee Belcher, Steel Magnolias (1989)

Patterns: Hats, scarves, "jean jacket," monkeys from Patons pattern book 500875 Monkey Business
Yarns: Patons Classic Wool: Dark Beige Marl, Dark Grey Marl, Light Grey Marl, Bright Red, Aran, Rich Red,
Patons Decor
: Navy, Burnt Orange
Results: Cuteness!

The cuteness of these monkeys is only increased with some accessories. Like many yarn crafters, I have a stash and I’m not ashamed to admit that. I pulled out left over yarn from this project to make the deep red scarf and hat combo and had some fantabulous Décor yarn for the burnt orange vest ("jean jacket") and the navy scarf and hats ensembles. (I've never used Decor yarn and it is wonderful. I may have found a washable alternative to my fav Classic Wool--Whoot!)

Actually, I have a story that goes with that navy scarf. (I know, you’re surprised that I would have a story…) My Dear Husband (DH) knit that! One evening I was a tad bit over extended and nearing a breakdown when I said (okay, maybe I was shouting a little) to him, “I need to hire someone as my knitting assistant!” The next thing I knew he was asking for some yarn and needles and had me cast on. He didn’t even lose his confidence when about three hours after he’d been working away, that I cast on the red one and had caught up with him in about 40 minutes.

Proof is in the picture: He really was knitting!

I’d say he’s a keeper.

Here's a picture of The Monkeys with the Monkeys. Our three sons. (The matching clothes that the twins are wearing to their respective monkeys was not planned. Honestly.)

–knittinjen & knittinDH


I am glad that your sock monkey's are ready for the holidays! They look wonderful! Your husband is a keeper for sure!

I was definitely feeling some pressure that these cute guys wouldn't be finished for our cute guys. Now they are hidden away till Christmas day.

Awwwwww :-) So cute (I was surprised though, I thought they would be found in their stockings on Christmas morn.) Your husband just beat mine in the brownie points category! :-)

They think that I have to give them to someone else so they will be surprised and excited!

Ah, I did that with Tessa. I made Raggedy Anne dolls for all my nieces. I was working on hers as well, but she didn't know it. If she started counting - I just pulled one under the table. It worked out just fine. I also knitted slippers for Molly right in front of her. She was jealous that I was knitting lime green slippers for someone else. :-)

Those are the cutest monkeys and your boys are all getting soooo big! Way to go DH on the knitting.

love the monkeys and the cute boys with them. wish i could convince my husband to try knitting although i don't think he'd like it--but i would feel less guilty about knitting all the time if he did it too. oh well.