70's Kitchen Retrograde

Project - Kitchen dishcloths and towel
Bernat Pattern Book #530160 Kitchen Kolors
Yarn - Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Mod Blue, Mod Twists, In Motion Twists
Blogger - Shandeh

How's it going, Bernat fans?

For the past week, I've been knitting with Bernat's new "mod" colors of Handicrafter Cotton yarn, and it's given me a very laid back attitude.  The colors bring back memories of my childhood in the 70's.  I remember seeing hearts, flowers, peace signs, long hair and super-bright colors EVERYWHERE back then.

As I told you last week, I'm knitting some items for my 1970 kitchen, to keep in the same theme.  A tea cozy, some dishcloths, and a towel.

Here are the dishcloths I've made so far.  The center doily was made with the free pattern "Doily Style Dishcloth", and the other two are the standard "Corner to Corner" dishcloth.  I used the pattern in Bernat's pattern book, Kitchen Kolors.  The pattern called for color changes, but I just used the same yarn throughout.

I've been designing a kitchen towel as I go, using the two blue yarns.  I started off with some rows of Bernat's free pattern "Feather & Fan Dishcloth", then switched to stockinette, then garter, then changed colors a couple times more.  When the towel was half as long as I wanted it to be, I put it on an extra needle, and started the other half.  Now, both halves are almost finished!

Next, I'll join the two halves with kitchener stitch, so there will be a seamless join in the center.

I think I've made good progress so far on my kitchen set.  How do you like it?

- Shandeh


I like them. It is getting me in the mood to start trying something like that also. Still working on the afghan but should soon be done with that! Happy Holidays to you.

Hi Lois! Nice to hear from you. :) I hope your afghan finishes up nicely! I finally got mine all seamed and bordered. Weaving in the ends was a bear, but I made it through. It helped to plop myself on the sofa, with the "Yule Log" burning on our big TV. My yarn and weaving needle just FLEW then!

I love the doily style dishcloth... I might try to make that myself. I'm not much of a knitter yet... I've only made scarfs and blankets in the basic knit stitch... don't know how to purl yet. I've always wanted to make dishclothes but I always seems to have blankets or slippers in the making, :) Great job on the towel I think it's going to turn out wonderful! I need to get going on my squars from the CAL... too far behind... but that's what happens with a sick daughter for 3 of the last 4 weeks. Take care and happy stitching! :)

Hi Rochelle! Good to see you here in the blog. *hug* The doily dishcloth is an intermediate project, because it is made in the round on double pointed needles. It calls for knits and purls, as well as increasing and decreasing stitches. If you learn to make this, you will have a lot of knitting skills under your belt. Good luck with your Mystery CAL blanket, and I hope your daughter gets better soon!

Looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen towel. I'm itching to make some for my own kitchen. :)

Towels seem to never end, but they aren't as bad as blankets! And I have learned that knitted towels work better after they are washed. I really like making one that will match my dishcloths. So nice!

Looking great Sandy! Love the towel idea...make sure you show a picture when it's finished! MGM

I will definitely post a photo, my friend.! I am always proud to show my work here in the blog. :)