2011 CAL/KAL for Charity

Bernat's new Crochet & Knit-Along is going well!   And, if our new Discussion Forum is any indication, there are more than 2500 people participating! :)

The Crochet & Knit-Along is focused on making baby blankets for Project Linus.  Charity knitting is near and dear to my heart, so I'm VERY happy to be a part of Bernat's blanket drive.  I've started making four of the recommended blankets, and I'm loving every stitch!  Bernat's baby yarns are SO SOFT!  :)

One of our KAL participants is Judy, and she is knitting two blankets for the project.   Using Bernat Baby Jacquards Floral yarn in Rosebud, Judy is making the Jacquards Parquet blanket.   She's knitting the Bernat Wave Stitch blanket also, and is excited that her daughter-in-law is making the same blanket, using Bernat Baby's Breath yarn in Baby Lilac and White.  This is Judy's FIRST knit-along!

Lisa from Maryland has joined in as well, crocheting two blankets.  Like Judy, this is her first time to join in a CAL.  Lisa has been crocheting for about a year, and is learning to make the Big Granny Blanket with Bernat Softee Baby yarn in His Jeans Ombre, Pale Blue, and Mint.  Before now, she had never made a granny square, but is happy to report "This is so much easier to do than I originally thought!"  She is also crocheting the Wavy Ripple Blanket, using the pattern's suggested colors of Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn.

Kathleen in Texas has also joined in, bringing 47 years of knitting and 34 years crochet experience.  I'm sure she will be a helpful part of our discussion forum, since she has the knowledge to help others with their questions.  Even though she has MUCH experience with both crafts, this is her first time joining in a crochet & knit-along!  Kathleen is making both the knitted and crocheted ripple blankets.

It's not too late for you to join us in making baby blankets!  We are having a great time getting to know each other, and learning how to make our projects.  I hope we get to know you soon!

- Shandeh


I am looking for the Bernat Design Studio pattern #62. It is for a knit ripple baby afghan that is listed as free pattern sheet or skein wrapper pattern. I see it listed on Ravelry but have no idea how to get it. I will purchase the pattern if I need to. Thanks

I found four baby ripple blankets by searching the Bernat free pattern listing. Is it one of these? http://www.bernat.com/search.php?key=ripple+baby&searchResults=&PATTERNS=Search

If none of those work, try contacting Bernat through inquire@bernat.com to see if they can help you get that pattern. Good luck!

Greetings! I am wondering if there is someone who has the pattern for a baby afghan I saw on Ravelry. It is listed as a Bernat Design Studio #62 Ripple pattern (Knitted). It is not available on the site . Is anyone willing to share? I would be interested in paying for the pattern if necessary. My daughters first child is due in November. I would love to be able to knit it for her. Thanks so much!

I have been trying for weeks to activate membership, and have never recieved the activate e-mail. Please respond. Ellen eehhdd@sbcglobal.net

Hi Ellen - An email has been sent your way. Let me know if you continue to have issues.

Hello all-I have been searching for Baby Boucle and cannot find anything in any other color than Waterslide. It is defintiely one of my favorites !! Anyone out there know whether it has been disconinued for sure in retail stores ?

There are several colors available in the Bernat Shop! http://shop.bernat.com/default.aspx?PageID=58&ProductID=6186&RootCatCode=01000

I am too, looking for the pattern # 62, the baby ripple blanket by Bernat studio. My granddaughter is due in October. Is there a way to received a copy of it?

You need to contact Bernat Customer Support - inquire@bernat.com They might be able to help you find that pattern.